Affiliate Program

We believe in the power of our community and mutually beneficial arrangements. Many of you love our jewelry and want to be a part of the journey by sharing Elasaro with others. We want to thank you for your support through our ambassador program. A % of each sale made on Elasaro by your referrals will be given to you.

Become An Ambassador

Simply sign up using the form below or log into your account if you’re already a client at our store. Once logged in, you can start sharing your referral link from your affiliate dashboard.

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Sign up in a few clicks and start sharing your affiliate link.

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Earn a rare 20% commission for each sale!

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No hidden and complex rules, everything is simple.

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We think that everyone should participate. You will spread the word and let other people join the Elasaro family to enjoy our fantastic jewelry while taking advantage of the special first-time buyer offers. More than that, you can do so knowing you are a part of a serious family brand that focuses on the satisfaction of its customers. It’s quick and easy. You have nothing to lose and can share in the created value through your commissions.

Absolutely! We have the most straightforward affiliate program. Whether you want to share Elasaro with your family and friends or have a small/big community of followers, you can sign up for free in a few clicks.

We love establishing partnerships with blogs, YouTubers, influencers, and other entities with a community of followers. If you are interested in working with us and have a proposition, please contact us. Our team will be happy to discuss a special partnership with you.

It’s easy, if you are a customer or have created an account on Elasaro, you are automatically included in the affiliate program and can access your affiliate dashboard from your account. Otherwise, you can create your account in a few clicks directly from the form below.

Once you’ve created your account or logged into it, you need to go to your account page and open the Affiliation tab. Within the affiliate program dashboard, you can access various helpful information, request payouts, etc. Most importantly, you need to open the “Affiliate Links” tab, where you will find your personal affiliate link and start sharing it. You also have the possibility of creating custom affiliate links that redirect to specific pages of our store.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Once your referral is fully confirmed, you may request a payout directly from your affiliate dashboard within your account page.

A payout for a referral commission will be possible after the 30 day return period has passed for a given order. It is necessary as we cannot provide commissions for refunded/canceled orders.

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