Who Are We?

At Elasaro, we create elegant, timeless, and feminine jewelry. More than just a brand, we are a community of people passionate about jewelry and crystals. By purchasing our jewelry, you become a part of our family. We adore hearing beautiful stories, and knowing our jewelry give joy and help create beautiful memories. We strive to provide the best quality products and customer experience.

Our Jewelry

We handmake our jewelry right here in Paris. We work with both local and international suppliers from around the world. You will find a variety of gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. We also have personalized jewelry to which you can add your initials.

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With over 40+ types of crystals used to create different unique designs, there are hundreds of pieces to choose from. Whether for a wedding, a dinner date, a special occasion, or simply for everyday use, you will find what you are looking for in our wide range of collections. Our jewelry is comfortable to wear, effortlessly beautiful, and eye-catching.

Our Journey : The Beginning

Hi, this is Saro! Let me tell you where it all started. As a student during my youth, making fantasy jewelry was a small hobby. A hobby I didn’t pursue professionally after my studies. I tried my hands at various things, but my life changed when I met my amazing wife, and we started a business together in the Fashion & Textile industry. She was a creative and talented designer, and I was business-minded, so we made a great team. We are from a small and beautiful country. We would regularly visit Paris for our business and eventually, due to personal circumstances, decided to leave everything and move there with our two sons.

After 25+ years in the fashion industry, with two grown-up sons who started to support us instead of the other way around, we decided to make a change. As an artist, my wife moved to handmade hobbies and started creating unique handmade fashion accessories. Eventually, in 2014, a local Parisian market for handmade art and creations accepted her, and she began selling her accessories on saturdays. She would also paint and make pottery, among other things, just for pleasure. All of this motivated me to try something myself. That is how I got back to my old hobby of creating jewelry.

In 2016, I joined my wife on saturdays with my own handmade products. It was a great experience from the start, I loved interacting with everyone, making changes, and creating custom pieces on-site… Each sale would make me happy and motivate me even more. Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2020, the authorities closed the market for a long while, and we stopped going even after it reopened due to health risks.

Our Journey : Elasaro

The idea of Elasaro was discussed for a while during 2020 and 2021. My youngest son has a Web Design agency through which he creates online stores and provides other related services. We would often talk about creating a jewelry brand. Why not? We had practical and theoretical experience in every aspect of the business. But he had many obligations in the short term that pushed this project back, and we couldn’t do it without him.

Finally, in 2022, we made the decision! Elasaro is the result of 8+ months of hard work and preparation. We are finally officially launching the store on January 2023. We are very excited to continue our journey and to share our joy with you. Every piece of jewelry is created, wrapped, and sent to you with love.

Materials & Quality

All our jewelry is made with sterling silver and natural crystals/semi-precious stones (with a few rare exceptions). You can find a detailed list of the materials used for each jewelry piece on its dedicated page. It is essential for us to provide you with high-quality jewelry made with great care. Your satisfaction will always be our priority, and we are confident you will love your Elasaro jewelry.

Become An Elasaro Ambassador

Partner with us and earn a fantastic 20% commission on each sale. Whether you share our store with your friends and family or you have a big community of followers, our program is open to everyone. You can proudly represent a brand that cares about its customers and provides them with the best experience.

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Design Customization

As we are assembling every piece by hand, you have the opportunity to request customizations. Whether it’s to mix design elements from different jewelry, change the length, or request another type of crystal for a given design, you can set yourself apart by acquiring custom-made and unique pieces of jewelry.

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Creating a necklace
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