Smoky Quartz Jewelry

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Experience the enigmatic delight of Smoky Quartz crystal with our rich collection. Bring calmness, clarity, balance, and positivity to your life with our Smoky Quartz Jewelry!


Smoky Quartz, which complements earthy tones with brownish-gray shades, looks eternal. It's a type of quartz that is a silicon dioxide crystal having clear to opaque transparency. Due to its vitreous luster and hexagonal arrangement, it is exceptionally stable, balancing, and detoxifying.

Therefore, it's used extensively in the form of smoky quartz jewelry. The amazing crystal has been used in many cultures for ages, and it's the national gem of Scotland. It's directly related to the root chakra and cleanses the body from toe to tip. Moreover, it improves mood, eliminates lower vibrations, and protects against harmful radiation. Its power comes from the earth and is very strong.

Why Should you Wear Elasaro Smoky Quartz Jewelry? 

The earthy hues look royal and compliment any outfit with their shine. Moreover, our jewelry is 100% authentic, hand-curated, and specially designed to experience the most effective healing properties. You can choose from a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that complement a minimalistic and statement look. So, create an impact within and outside with our exclusive range of smoky quartz jewelry.

Benefits of Wearing Smoky Quartz Jewelry

  • Detoxify the body to keep all ailments away
  • It has a grounding energy
  • Helps to manifest dreams
  • Keeps anxiety and depression away
  • Adds clarity and vision to life
  • Brings positivity
  • It's very beneficial for the digestive system.
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