Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

It symbolizes truth, understanding, inner calm, and awareness and looks phenomenal in jewelry. Take a look at the stunning Lapis Lazuli jewelry, which looks timeless!

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Lapis Lazuli is a majestic stone having the deepest blue colors and a contrast of metallic colors. Its rich looks are due to lazurite, shiny pyrite, white calcite, and other minerals.

The name Lapis Lazuli comes from the Latin word "Lapis," which means "stone," and the Persian word "Lazhward," which means "blue." The mineral has been used from 7570 BCE in the Indus valley civilization and throughout history for its healing properties.

Why should you Wear Elasaro Lapis Lazuli Jewelry? 

Manifest the elemental energies of positivity with Elasaro Lapis Lazuli Jewelry, which is 100% authentic and has tremendous power. We have delicately executed this precious stone to create Lapis Lazuli fine jewelry styles like necklaces, bracelets, and rings to create boho, formal, and casual looks. Our collection of Lapis jewelry will guide you towards success while keeping you trendy at all times.

Benefits of Wearing Lapis Stone Jewelry

  • Lapis stones jewelry brings truth to life.
  • Cleanses the third eye chakras for better focus.
  • Guides towards success.
  • It helps to control rage.
  • Builds self-awareness, confidence, and courage.
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