Amethyst Jewelry

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Experience the most exquisite healing properties of Amethyst stone with our luxurious collection!


Amethyst is the perfect definition of beauty and protection. The rich natural gemstone is powerful and a real eye-catcher, as it has a beautiful violet color. Its use in the form of Amethyst jewelry has been in practice for 2000 years due to its healing properties. Having a deep to light violet shade, it also has a brilliant tinge of red resulting from a complex natural process.

It forms in long, colorful crystals in geodes or hollow rocks and is generally found in Brazil, the USA, and South India. Seven on the Mohs scale is durable for making stunning Amethyst crystal jewelry. 

Why should you Wear Elasaro Amethyst Jewelry?

Amethyst stones look stunning when worn as jewelry and compliment any outfit. Also, dodge negativity by wearing a high-quality cut of 100% natural amethyst gemstone necklaces we offer. Also, you can choose an item that is a statement piece and makes you stand out, such as our bracelets made of real Amethyst jewelry.

Benefits of Wearing Amethyst Stone Jewelry

  • It has peace-loving, cleansing, and calming energy.
  • It dodges negativity surrounding you.
  • Offers protection.
  • It helps to overcome fears.
  • Boost healthy sleep cycle.
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