Citrine Jewelry

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Have a look at our precious Citrine jewelry, which is stylish and keeps all the bad vibes away!


Citrine, a widely used precious stone throughout history, embodies sunshine, happy times, and warmth. Colors range from bright yellow to tangerine to deep burnt orange. A special member of the quartz family, it looks exceptional in citrine jewelry due to its remarkable clarity. 

Citrine crystal jewelry has an extensive history as Romans used it to create precious jewelry. Furthermore, real citrine jewelry was regarded as a prized possession in the 19th century, especially during art deco, because of its exceptional healing properties. 

Why should you Wear Elasaro Citrine Jewelry? 

Our Elasaro Citrine Jewelry is 100% genuine and handheld to create a flawless piece for you. In addition, our jewelry has various shades of sunshine that will turn many heads and bring good energy into your life.

We have designed a Citrine jewelry set with this sunshine stone that makes any outfit cheerful and full of life. Also, we have citrine earrings that dazzle and shine like a stunning sunset. In addition, we have citrine rings and bracelets, which look gorgeous with monochrome dresses. Our natural Citrine crystal jewelry is durable and resistant to scratches, making them long-lasting.

Benefits of Wearing Citrine Stone Jewelry

  • It brings an abundance of positive energy.
  • Eliminates procrastination.
  • Controls anger, depression, and mental traumas.
  • Boosts creativity.
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