Mother of Pearl Jewelry

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Indulge in brilliance, softness, and lustrous delight with our exclusive range of Mother of Pearl Jewelry!


Mother of Pearl is formed by fighting all the external forces of nature and conquering peace. Therefore, this brilliant gemstone brings peace, strength, wisdom, and luck. It is formed in the inner layers of some mollusks like oysters and abalones. Mother of Pearl jewelry has been used in history for its healing properties. 

The Egyptian tombs often featured Mother of Pearl decorations and were used in jewelry, utensils, etc. In the 1800s through the late 1930s, the Mother of Pearl stone jewelry was worn as a symbol of love, celebrating bonds, and more. The brilliant shine, silky texture, soothing color, and benefits on the mind and body make it one of the most loved crystals.

Why Should you Wear Elasaro Mother of Pearl Jewelry?

Our Elasaro Mother of Pearl Jewelry range is delicately hand-picked and has 100 % genuine gemstones. In addition, the range features classy rings, iconic necklaces, and bracelets perfect for casual and formal events. So, experience the healing properties and unique looks of the Mother of Pearl with our state of art jewelry. The direct and effortless touch with this pearl will help you experience its maximum benefits.

Benefits of Wearing Mother of Pearl Jewelry

  • It brings peace
  • It brings luck in life
  • It immediately relieves any form of stress and overthinking
  • It good for eyesight
  • It helps to lower blood pressure
  • It imparts practical thinking
  • It helps to heal wounds
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