Peach Round Flat Pearl Ring With Sterling Silver

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*Please note that shades, patterns, and forms (when using asymmetrical crystals) may differ slightly from one piece of jewelry to another.

Are you looking for a minimalistic yet gorgeous ring? We’ve got the perfect one for you! This beautiful pearl ring weighs 1.45gr and features a 4.5~4mm peach pearl. It is available in 3 sizes; 50, 54, and 56.

This is one of those discreetly beautiful rings that goes well with everything! You can create a cute feminine look, wear it with a casual outfit or even go for a classy one.

Apart from looks, pearls can give you many benefits. They can boost confidence, enhance memory, and increase intelligence.

This ring is a must-have for any jewelry box! You should also complete it with a bracelet, a necklace or earrings from our collection.


Pearl Ring, Sterling Silver Ring, Peach Pearl, 4.5~4mm Round Flat Pearl, Weight: 1.45gr, Ring Sizes: 50, 54, 56

How to measure the size of the ring:

  • Step 1: Take a length of thread and a ruler
  • Step 2: Place the thread around your preferred finger to measure its circumference and make sure it's not tight
  • Step 3: Measure the lenght of the thread and convert it to ring size with the chart below

Our rings with adjustable bands go from size 48 to 58. As for the standardized rings, if you are unsure whether a specific size would fit your finger or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Size (mm) U.S. E.U.
44.2 3 44
44.8 3.5 45
46.1 46
46.8 4 47
48.0 4.5 48
49.3 5 49
50.0 5.5 50
51.2 6 51
51.9 6.5 52
53.1 53
54.4 7 54
55.1 7.5 55
56.3 8 56
57.0 57
58.3 8.5 58
58.9 9 59
60.2 9.5 60

Jewelry customization & personnalized jewelry

You may have noticed that we have a “Personalized” jewelry collection, and we also offer customization for all collections. These terms have different meanings.

The personalized collection is for jewelry with a dedicated space on which we can stamp your initials.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to acquire custom-made and unique pieces of jewelry by customizing (to some degree) a specific design.

Please refer to the FAQs below for a more in debt explanation of the possible jewelry customization options, or contact us directly.


Delivery is FREE for all orders over €100. Your order will be prepared and shipped within 1 to 3 working days. We prepare your jewelry with great care and take pride in our packaging. We guarantee fast and reliable delivery with tracking.

Country Shipping
France 1 to 2 Business Days
Europe/E.U. 2 to 4 Business Days
United Kingdom 2 to 4 Business Days
North America 4 to 6 Business Days
Other 5 to 8 Business Days

*Slight delays are possible depending on the country and the quality of the local postal services. However, parcel tracking allows us to know the progress of the delivery.


We are sure that you will love our jewelry. That's why we offer you a 30 days to return your product. You can find more information in our returns policy.

Handmade Jewelry

Every piece is assembled by hand with lots of love and care!

Natural Stones

We use a wide variety of natural crystals and pearls!

Sterling Silver

We use Sterling Silver for our jewelry pieces to ensure quality and durability!

Customizable Jewelry

We can make customizations for your specific preferences!

Elasaro Reviews

At Elasaro, we provide you with fantastic jewelry and customer experience. We know few brands deliver on their promises. That is why you should look at what our community says about their experiences. You can see below reviews from both our Official and Etsy stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elasaro jewelry handmade?

Yes, we assemble all our jewelry by hand. We work with different suppliers that provide us with various natural stones and sterling silver pieces that we use to create our beautiful jewelry designs. That is also why we can customize our jewelry according to your preferences by mixing different crystals and designs. Learn more about this with the questions in the Customization tab.

All our jewelry is made with sterling silver and natural crystals/semi-precious stones (with a few rare exceptions). It is essential for us to provide you with high-quality jewelry made with love and great care. We hope it will make you happy and last you a long time.
You can find a detailed list of the materials used for each jewelry piece on its dedicated page.

We provide multiple types of customizations:

Requesting specific jewelry models with other types of crystals: as we have over 40 crystals on our list and can access even more through our suppliers, we can only make some jewelry models available with some crystal types by default on our store.
Changing the length/size of the necklace, bracelet, earring, or ring: we can customize the dimensions of the chain to fit your specific preferences, you can pick another size of the same crystal (8mm instead of 6, for example) if it is available, and so on.
Mixing different jewelry models for a new design: maybe you liked specific details on a couple of different models and would like to take elements from each of them to make a unique custom design.

You have another request that is not on the list? Contact us.

Please note that the customizations may be subject to the availability of materials. Different crystals are available in various forms and sizes. Therefore, we can only make some models with all the crystals. We also reserve the right to refuse a customization request.

Please contact us before ordering any jewelry if you require customization. Our team will happily discuss the options with you to make sure we can provide what you need.

We will not ask you to pay an additional fee for simple modifications like a necklace's chain length, a different crystal type for a specific model...
A change in pricing may only occur if there are considerable differences in the following factors:

The amount of work involved in creating the custom model
The value of the different crystals used
The amount of materials needed

We will have to consider those factors, after which you will be informed and have the choice of confirming the order.

Please know that, even though it is not recommended, standard water will not damage the natural crystals or silver pieces of the jewelry. But we also use threads on some of our bracelets/necklaces and advise against soaking them in the water regularly to maximize their life span. The threads are strong enough to last many years, but regular contact with water could weaken them.
Overall, you should keep your jewelry away from any other type of liquids and products that may have toxic, acidic, or oxidizing elements mixed in them, like perfume, swimming pool chlorinated water, cosmetics, bleach, sun creams...
When getting ready, we suggest putting on your jewelry last.

The quality of the materials we use for our jewelry is very essential. We focus on natural crystals and sterling silver, known for its hypoallergenic qualities.
While we don't think there should be any issues, if you have a very rare and unique case of extra sensitive skin, kindly wear it at your own risk, as Elasaro cannot be held responsible for any consequences.

As we work with natural crystals, some will have irregular color patterns, shapes or textures. It is impossible to find perfectly matching pieces in all cases. But the photos are a very realistic representation of what to expect. It is also the charm of quality jewelry with natural stones/crystals. Every piece is unique in some way.

We think you will love your Elasaro jewelry, and it will be a part of many happy memories. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your jewelry.
Not to worry, you won't have to polish them for hours daily. We suggest keeping your jewelry pieces in their original soft microfiber pouches to avoid scratches. Then store them in a clean and dry space to maintain their shine.
Also, avoid contact between the jewelry and any type of liquids and products that may have toxic, acidic, or oxidizing elements mixed in them like perfume, swimming pool chlorinated water, cosmetics, bleach, sun creams, etc... When getting ready, we suggest putting on your jewelry last.

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