Top 10 Indigo Crystals and Healing Stones with Images

Have you heard of indigo crystals and other healing stones? If so, then you’re likely aware of the many physical and mental benefits they can offer. Whether it be chakra balancing or increasing creativity, using the right kinds of indigo crystals and healing stones is key to getting the results that you’re looking for. Below, we cover 10 of the most popular options in detail with images for easy identification — read on to learn more about these powerful indigo crystals!

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Complete List of Indigo Crystals and Stones

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Azurite, known for its deep indigo color, is often found in locations like the United States and Morocco. It is celebrated for its transformative and insightful properties, aiding personal development by enhancing intuition and self-awareness.

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Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian, with its striking blue hues, is widely available worldwide. It is associated with soothing and harmonizing qualities, fostering emotional healing and inner peace. Blue Obsidian is often used for personal development to enhance emotional balance and self-expression.

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Blue Tourmaline

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Blue Tourmaline, recognized for its vibrant indigo hues, can be sourced from regions like Brazil and Afghanistan. It is revered for its calming and balancing properties, promoting emotional healing and personal growth.

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Grape Agate

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Grape Agate, a captivating indigo stone, is primarily found in Indonesia. It is cherished for its heart-opening and transformative properties, fostering emotional healing and self-awareness.

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Iolite, often referred to as “water sapphire,” is commonly found in countries like India and Madagascar. It is known for its soothing and harmonizing qualities, making it valuable for personal development by enhancing inner peace and emotional balance.

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Kyanite, with its deep indigo hues, is often sourced from locations like Brazil and the United States. It is associated with its calming and grounding properties, aiding personal development by promoting emotional healing and balance.

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Labradorite, often recognized for its beauty, is primarily found in countries like Canada and Madagascar. It is celebrated for its insight-enhancing and transformative properties, fostering personal development and enhancing intuition.

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Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli is widely available worldwide, featuring a rich indigo hue with gold flecks. It is associated with its regal and enlightening properties, making it valuable for personal development by enhancing self-expression and self-awareness.

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Sodalite, with its characteristic blue and white patterns, can be sourced from regions like Brazil and Canada. It is revered for its soothing and insightful qualities, promoting emotional healing and personal growth.

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Tanzanite, known for its exquisite indigo and violet hues, is primarily found in Tanzania. It is cherished for its transformative and insight-enhancing properties, aiding personal development by enhancing intuition and inner peace.

FAQs on Indigo Crystals

What do indigo crystals mean?

Indigo crystals are believed to have a special connection with the mind, spirit, and emotions. This is because indigo is associated with intuition, insight, and inner knowing. It’s also thought that indigo brings harmony and balance to mind and body, helping us access our higher selves and find our spiritual purpose. 

Indigo crystals are also believed to bring forth divine energies and help us find a greater connection with our inner wisdom, allowing us to see truths that have been hidden from our conscious minds.

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What are indigo crystals used for?

Indigo crystals are believed to be some of the most powerful healing stones due to their calming and soothing properties. They have been used for centuries in meditation, spiritual healing rituals, and even as decorative pieces. Indigo crystals can help to balance energy, reduce stress and anxiety, increase intuition and awareness, stimulate creativity, heal physical ailments such as headaches and indigestion, and even clear away negative energy.

What are the indigo crystals’ healing properties?

For emotional healing, indigo crystals can help reduce stress, calm fears, and phobias, provide a sense of inner peace, and promote self-empowerment. Overall, indigo crystals bring balance and harmony into our lives.

How to use indigo crystals?

To use indigo crystals, start by cleansing the stone with sage or smudging herbs. You can then program the indigo crystal with your intentions by visualizing them while holding the stone in your hands. After programming the indigo crystal, place it in any room of your home or in a pocket and allow it to do its work. Be sure to regularly cleanse and program the indigo crystal by repeating the same steps. Regularly using indigo crystals allows you to experience greater balance, spiritual growth, and emotional freedom.

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Should you cleanse indigo crystals?

Indigo crystals should be cleansed before use so their energies can remain pure and unencumbered. Cleansing indigo crystals is relatively straightforward, but it must be done with intention and care. It is crucial to research indigo crystals thoroughly to know the best way to cleanse them and ensure they are ready for use. Additionally, indigo crystals may need to be cleaned more regularly than other crystals to keep their energy strong and vibrant. Cleansing indigo crystals can be done using various methods, such as sage smudging, bathing, and moonlight charging.

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