Cancer Birthstones: Color, Symbolism and Meaning

What is the Cancer Zodiac Sign? 

Are you a Cancerian, or do you have a loved one belonging to this sun sign? If yes, consider getting or gifting them a Cancer birthstone to enhance their charm and bring out the best in them. Stay with us as we highlight all the essentials of the zodiac Cancer birthstones.

Moody yet sensitive. Ambitious yet practical. Cancer is a fundamental water sign that the crab represents. This creature effortlessly waves between the shore and the sea, just like the Cancerians who seamlessly exist in both material and emotional realms. 

Cancerians are highly instinctive. They can pick up energies in a space and are extremely self-protective. People belonging to this sun sign are often considered cold and distant. But in reality, these are some of the most gentle and compassionate people on the earth.

What is the Cancer Birthstone? 

Ruby is the traditional cancer birthstone. The rich red glow of this gemstone signifies love and compassion. Apart from this, it also brings confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance. Moreover, ruby makes the wearer more focused, aware, and alert. 

This birthstone for Cancer is a guiding gemstone that will show the right path to the Cancerians and help them stand firm on their feet. 

The pearl is the second Cancer birthstone that improves memory, boosts intelligence, and enhances the confidence of the Cancerians. It also controls anger and bad temperament issues in the wearer. So, this was all about what Cancer birthstone is.

But why are there two birthstones for this star sign, and what color is a Cancer birthstone? Let us find out in the upcoming sections.

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Why does the Cancer Zodiac Sign have More than One Birthstone?

Just like any other zodiac sign, Cancer also has more than one birthstone; Ruby and Pearl. Ideally, ruby was the traditional birthstone of this zodiac sign. However, due to its rarity and expensiveness, experts introduced pearls to its birthstone chart. Both these gems have an incredible impact on the confidence and prosperity of the Cancerians. 

June Cancer Birthstone vs. July Cancer Birthstone 

The Pearl and Moonstone are the June cancer birthstone. At the same time, Ruby and Carnelian are the July Cancer birthstones. Both the birthstone for Cancer June and July Cancer birthstone invites wisdom, courage, and determination in the minds of the Cancerians. 

Cancer Birthstone Color

What is Cancer’s birthstone color? Red is the Cancer birthstone color. It is the shade of blood, vitality, and passion. It is the color for the zest of life. Red also symbolizes warmth, creativity, and energy. 

Being the color of the blood, red heals the body and mind from within. Therefore, Cancerians who wear this hue believe to invite happiness, prosperity, and success into their lives. 

Cancer Birthstone Meaning and History

What is the meaning and history of the traditional cancer zodiac birthstone? The name ruby was taken from the Latin word “Ruber,” which meant red. The flaming red hue of the ruby signifies an inextinguishable fire burning in the gemstone. 

The historians believed that the spiritual fire of this gem could also boil water. As a result, rubies have been around us for centuries. It was traded along the North Silk Road of China in 200 BC. Moreover, Burma has been a vital ruby source since 600 AD. 

Consider consulting a gemologist to know everything about what Cancer birthstone is.

Characteristics of the Cancer Gemstones 


Ruby is the stone of manifestation that is ruled by the Sun. It is a powerful July birthstone Cancer that can harness the goodness of different planets and bring balance to the life of the Cancerians. 


Carnelian is an incredible gemstone that sparks energy. It inspired empowerment, confidence, and creativity. This Cancer birthstone July also offers protection against evil eyes and negative energies. 


This Cancer birthstone June aids spiritual growth. It also enhances peace of mind and positivity. Moonstone stimulates self-healing, balance, and inner peace. It helps soothe aggressiveness and brings stability into the life of the wearer. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a brilliant healing gemstone that emits strong vibrations of love. It inspires compassion, boosts peace of mind, and supports emotional healing.


Like its radiance, pearls also bring brightness to mind and thoughts of the wearer. This birthstone cancer is an excellent gem that soothes anger and cures mental diseases. 


Chalcedony helps in grounding and calming down the emotional energy of the Cancerians. It also motivates them to attain tranquility. On the other hand, experts call it a great crystal for people who get worried easily and quickly. 


It is a luck amplifier gemstone that diffuses negative emotions, reinforces leadership, and encourages perseverance. Aventurine also promotes compassion and makes a Cancerian come out as a more mature person. 


Cancerians can boost cosmic connections and enhance psychic visions by wearing an opal. This gemstone also stimulates creativity and originality and helps express one’s true self. 


Obsidian is considered to be one of the luckiest gemstones in the world. It is a powerful birthstone for Cancer July that can transform bad luck into good luck by blocking all unwanted energies. Cancerians should wear an obsidian bracelet to harness its goodness into their lives. 


Enhance expression and communication with the help of a turquoise gemstone. It balances all the chakras and stimulates healing. Most importantly, turquoise instills forgiveness and love in the hearts of the Cancerians. 


Aquamarine stimulates mental clarity and calms a hyperactive mind. It also enhances intellect and clears energy blockages. It is a good luck stone that brings happiness, joy, and peace to the life of the Cancerians. 


Alexandrite, also known as a “Stone of Transformation,” is a form of the mineral Chrysoberyl and is renowned for its extraordinary color change, making it a highly sought-after gemstone. It is associated with creativity and emotionality, believed to help enhance self-esteem and bring about balance in life.

Cancer Gemstone Care and Cleaning

You should keep your Cancer crystal birthstone clear and cleansed to get its fullest benefits. By placing them under cold running water, you can remove the negative energy clogged in your Cancer stones. 

You can also charge your Cancer gemstones under the moonlight. Moreover, avoid using harsh chemical products and automated cleaners to cleanse these stones. 

Cancer Personality Traits & How These Stones Can Help

Ruby, the traditional cancer sign birthstone, helps in realizing perfection in their relationships and personality. Similarly, other lucky Cancer gemstones help enhance the confidence and self-esteem of the Cancerians. These stones will guide them to pick the right paths in life and absorb the blessings of the planets in abundance.

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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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