All about September Birthstone Sapphire

What is the Birthstone of September?

The September birthstone is Sapphire, a delight to the eye, and holds great historical significance. The use of Sapphire dates back to thousands of years when its incredible powers were manifested for overall well-being.

Sapphire is derived from the Greek word “sappheiros,” which means “blue stone.” The most popular type of Sapphire is a blue stone, but it comes in a plethora of colors. This birthstone for September has been long associated with royalty, charm, and romance. Moreover, the ancient Greek Kings and Queens believed that this gemstone protected them from evil and envy. So, keep reading to explore everything about this September birthstone.

September Birthstone Color

The formation of Sapphire is responsible for various hues which have unique properties. Basically, Sapphire is a hexagonal crystal of Aluminum Oxide and the mineral Corundum, which is seen in metamorphic and igneous rocks. Now, the question is what color is september birthstone? Well, several inclusions, impurities, and formations give their unique colors, which have their own property. Each September birthstone color has a special significance that is:

  • Blue Sapphire: The blue September birthstone sapphire has iron and titanium that gives it a heavenly blue color. This most popular color symbolizes truth, loyalty, protection, and confidence.
  • Black Sapphire: It’s great for people seeking opportunities in careers. Also, it offers wisdom and helps in calming.
  • Orange Sapphire: It is a great color for adding creativity and zest and improving skills in your life.
  • Green Sapphire: Green sapphire has a high quality of iron in it. The beautiful hue is great for bringing peace, loyalty, and love to life and makes a great September birthstone.
  • Violet Sapphire: The violet hues look incredible for accepting change and moving on with confidence in life.
  • Pink Sapphire: It brings love and boosts bonds and happy vibes in life. It’s widely used for Sapphire jewelry and looks wonderful.
  • Yellow Sapphire: It is a brilliant color for achieving goals in life and makes you more ambitious. Out of all popular types of rings, the birthstone ring featuring Sapphire for September borns is very beneficial for professional growth.
  • White Sapphire: It’s a beautiful shade that brings clarity, awareness, and peace to the wearer’s life.

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September Birthstone Meaning and History

Sapphire’s meaning, properties, and symbolism lie in its formation and power on the ground of Earth. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, Africa, China, the United States, and other parts of the world.

Its meaning lies in its extensive use for thousands of years. It symbolizes truth, sincerity, and nobility, provides great protection, and nurtures relationships. The Greeks and Romans used this stone for protection. They believed it was associated with the stone of Zeus, God of the sky, offering safety. This birthstone of September was recognized by Persians and all the civilizations worldwide. 

The special references in history make the sapphire September birthstone truly unique. Sir Richard Francis Burton, the famous British explorer, always carried the gemstone as a talisman for good luck and protection. One of the most renowned 12-carat engagement sapphire rings was possessed by Princess Diana and is passed to her children. 

Characteristics of the September Birthstone: Sapphire 

After knowing all the answers to what is the birthstone for September, it’s time to unveil its characteristics. It has amazing attributes that help the September borns and all other wearers in incredible ways.

Physical Healing

The birthstone september has gentle, calm characteristics of the power of ground. Sapphire is great for mental health. It rings peace and treats insomnia, migraine, and thyroid problems. Also, it boosts memory, imparts clarity, and cleanses all the body’s chakras. Generally, all the colors have characteristics to keep the diseases away.

Emotional Healing

All types of sapphires have great characteristics to channel emotional healing. It removes the negativity and gives a ray of hope. It’s a positive stone with good energy. Balance, wisdom, and using positions of authority are its attributes.

Metaphysical Healing

Sapphire is also directly connected to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. It helps to seek truth, initiate new beginnings, and accept change. It’s great for security, making strong decisions, and welcoming good energy.

September Birthstone Care and Cleaning

The September birthstone is special in all ways. So, you must follow the guide on how to cleanse crystals in a specific way. After discovering what is September birthstone, it’s time for proper care.

Cleansing is performed to remove all the bad energies and enhance its power to the next level. To cleanse it, you can try several ways like:

  • Use warm soapy water to clean it gently.
  • Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are great for natural sapphires.

Apart from these most common methods, another way to charge up Sapphire is to place it under the vibrant light of a full moon. You can upgrade it with a smudging scent like sage for deep cleansing and captivating its true powers. Sapphire is relatively harder than other gemstones, and you can also use a soft brush and cloth for deep cleaning.

Why Choose Sapphire Jewelry?

The September birthstone, Sapphire, has a Mohs hardness of 9.0. This hardness value is great for making a durable piece of jewelry that stays for a long time. The hardness of 9 means that it’s quite unbreakable and has considerable longevity. As a result, everyone has witnessed some famous sapphires from ancient times still in use. 

After uncovering all details about what is the September birthstone, everyone can come down to the fact that its use in jewelry is best. It’s the second hardest gemstone, and birthstone engagement rings for each month have sapphires as a popular September ring.

Moreover, the six-ray star pattern within the gem formed by the phenomenon of asterism looks divine and adds a unique shine to the piece of jewelry. Sapphire is commonly used in wedding anniversary stones by year, engagement rings, pendants, bracelets, and various types of rings.

Apart from its beauty, the wearer can directly manifest its power with direct contact with the body. Also, the jewelry pieces are effortless and look heavenly. So, without carrying it, you can simply wear it in the form of trendy jewelry pieces to experience its emotions and physical and metaphysical healing. To clean sapphire jewelry, use warm soapy water. So, utilize the true powers of the September birthstone by trying trending jewelry. 

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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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