Amethyst Meaning: Healing Properties and Everyday Uses

Amethyst Meaning Healing Properties and Everyday Uses

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst crystals are long, prismatic in geodes or hollow rocks with eternal purple color. It has been used for the last thousand years due to its strong healing qualities and striking appearance. Its name comes from the Greek word “Amethystos,” which means sober, and has quite an interesting natural formation known as Amethyst Geodes.

Due to various natural processes, its hue ranges from light violet to deep purple, with a brilliant red tinge. Amethyst crystal meaning lies in the strong powers of healing body, mind, and soul. As a result, it is widely used in trending jewelry.

Amethyst Stone Meaning and Symbolism

Amethyst crystal meaning and amethyst symbolism are deep-rooted in the history of civilizations. For example, ancient Greeks and Romans used amethyst to repel Bacchus and to welcome clarity of mind. In addition, the amethyst stone was used for decoration and jewelry to depict class during medieval times. 

There are plenty of mentions about this precious stone which was believed to dodge all the negativity. Also, amethyst crystal is directly connected to the third eye and crown chakras which control the body. Moreover, it has massive cleansing, calming, and healing energy, which is great for the wearer. 

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Amethyst Benefits and Powers

All-natural gemstones are made from thousands of years of complex processes and possess ground energies and powers. Some of the striking amethyst properties are:

  • It’s a natural tranquilizer due to its healing purple color.
  • Its power helps to control anger and fear.
  • It removes negativity surrounding the wearer.
  • It helps to rise from low moments and grief.
  • Improves emotional awareness 
  • It improves circulation, the immune system, and hormones.
  • It boosts sobriety and lets the wearer leave all the bad and addictive habits.
  • It instills calmness, peace, and lots of confidence.

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Different Types and Varieties of Amethyst Stone

Here are various types of this gemstone having unique amethyst symbolism:

  • Amethyst Quartz It’s a striking combination of milky quartz and amethyst formed by a natural process. As a result, its shade is white and purple, which looks amazing. Having amazing healing properties, it benefits the wearer emotionally and mentally.
  • Ametrine is a unique combination of citrine and amethyst, which looks phenomenal. In addition, it has both shades of violet and deep orange, which look heavenly. It’s great for someone who wants positive energy and to dodge negativity.
  • Cactus Quartz – Various small amethyst crystals join to form a cactus-like appearance known as cactus quartz. It looks unique, edgy, and brilliant. Wear it to bring harmony and balance to your life.
  • Canadian Amethyst – As the name suggests, this amethyst is particularly found in Canada and is a natural wonder. It has a hematite coating, giving it a brilliant red tinge. Having all the soothing properties of amethyst, it shields the wearer from danger.
  • Lavender Amethyst – The amethyst stone having the lightest purple color is lavender. It’s becoming very popular as the color is soothing, bringing peace, stability, and clarity of thought.
  • Veracruz Amethyst has particularly large crystals and comes from a place in Mexico named Veracruz. It is specifically great for cleaning chakras and bringing good energy to life.
  • Synthetic Amethyst has been in practice since the 1970s. With great demand for this precious stone, people have created the same stone in appearance. But capable jewelry makers abstain from this practice and can identify real versus fake with their skills.
  • Blue Amethyst is very rare and has a secondary hue of blue colors. It was formed by various complex natural formations and is a very prized possession. Due to its rich look, people add it to their jewelry to bring good energy.
  • Chevron Amethyst has a white band that looks like “V” and has a peculiar appearance. Banding is the result of natural phenomena which create white lines. It has stress-relieving properties which boost mental wellness.
  • Pink Amethyst‘s powers lie in its appearance, which was found recently. It has pretty hues of pink, which results from hematite. It has more feminine energy and brings courage and strength to fight fears.

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Amethyst Healing Properties and Benefits

People have significantly experienced amethyst crystal benefits, and if you want to have a look at its astonishing power. Here’s a look:

Amethyst Physical Healing Properties

Amethyst crystal meaning lies in its amazing physical healing properties. For example, do you know direct contact may improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and improve cardiac health? In addition, it aids a lot in relieving headaches, insomnia, and bad dreams. Also, it can prove your hormonal health and make you more stable and content.

Amethyst Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

Amethyst crystal benefits for mental and emotional well-being are amazing. It has a great emotional healing property that helps us to fight grief and tough times. In addition, it brings stability and peace of mind. It clears your thoughts to make wise decisions and brings happiness in all forms.

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst metaphysical properties are concerned with the crown chakra. As a result, it opens the eye of the wearer to gain insight into the truth. Amethyst chakra will abstain from evil, and you naturally become happier. It cleanses your chakras to make you aware, attract good vibes, and make you calmer. 

Amethyst Uses: How to Get the Most of this Magical Stone 

After knowing the in-depth history and amethyst crystal meaning, you can manifest it in many ways. So, the question is how to use Amethyst. Here are some best practices to bring this precious tone to your life.

Amethyst in Beauty Products

Adding amethyst beauty products is popularizing with every passing day. Amethyst being all-natural, has amazing properties which help circulation, uplift the face, and rejuvenate it. Also, natural amethyst stone massagers improve circulation and bring a perfect glow.

Amethyst Jewelry

Jewelry is considered the best way to bring the power of amethyst into your life. You can go for hand and stylish amethyst jewelry like rings, necklaces, and bracelets to use its control. Moreover, it always stays in direct contact with your body and brings all forms of healing and happiness.

Amethyst in Meditation

Amethyst chakra is a crown which means it is very beneficial in meditation. It absorbs infrared light waves balancing negative ion therapy and leading to calmness. When you practice meditation with this stone, you bring gratitude, peace, and happiness, which make you stable and happy. Also, it brings motivation to cross any hurdle and achieve your goals. It will bestow positive vibes and enrich your meditation sessions significantly.

Amethyst At Home 

One of the fantastic ways to bring the healing energy of amethyst into your life is through home products. You can opt for trending stone artworks and furniture. Or also, you can add it to coasters, mirrors, or other decorative elements. It will channel good energy in your home and dodge all the negative powers. As a result, your home will be more peaceful, motivating, and welcoming. 

FAQ on Amethyst – the February Birthstone

How to tell if Amethyst is real?

A real amethyst doesn’t have solid colors as it will have dual shades of various colors. Also, it never forms bubbles and can have lines as impurities. It is not always picture-perfect and looks very organic.

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How does an Amethyst crystal form and grow?

Amethyst crystals are formed when silicon dioxide, combined with iron, aluminum, and trace elements, cools and crystallizes in cavities within volcanic rocks. These conditions only occur in specific geologic environments, resulting in amethyst mines in various parts of the world. The growth of the crystal occurs through a gradual process of building layers onto its surface, creating a visible stepped and faceted appearance. Amethyst crystals grow outward in all directions until they reach the sides of the cavity, creating visually stunning formations.

What does Amethyst do spiritually?

Amethyst cancels out negative energy to help the wearer to fight his fears. In addition, it helps to achieve peace, humility, and balance in life. Finally, it’s a great symbol of protection and love.

What does Amethyst symbolize?

Amethyst symbolizes peace, calming energy, and protection. In addition, it helps ease out crown chakra and imparts clarity, vision, and stability.

What is Amethyst used for?

It is globally used to manifest its healing property in mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It’s a great precious stone to welcome peace, protection, prosperity, and a lot more.

What is Amethyst good for?

Amethyst is best for easing mental tension as it is connected to crown chakras. It gives clarity of thoughts which leads to acceptance and peace. In addition, it boosts creativity and lets evil thoughts stay away.

What does Amethyst look like?

It has colors ranging from the lightest violet to the deepest purple having hues of red. Various amethyst also has shades of white, pink, and blue. The natural processes affect the colors significantly and impart multiple hues and patterns.

How much is Amethyst worth?

Generally, the price is quite affordable at $20 and $30 per carat. But, according to the purity and rarity of the amethyst, it can go on the upper side a bit.

What does Amethyst mean?

Amethyst means protection, healing, calmness, clarity, and peace. It balances all the energy in the body to practice healing which helps mentally, physically, and emotionally.

How to identify an Amethyst?

To identify amethyst, you must notice its shades. It has purple hues with a mix of red colors. Also, it’s never solid and eye clear.

How to cleanse Amethyst stone?

To cleanse amethyst, you can use soapy water. Also, you cleanse it under fresh running water.

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What zodiac is Amethyst?

Amethyst is for the Aquarius zodiac sign and helps them to utilize it to its full potential.

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What month is the Amethyst stone? (birthstone)

Amethyst is the February month stone and helps February borns to manifest its best benefits.

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What chakra is Amethyst?

Amethyst is the crown chakra, which is very important to control all body functions.

Is Amethyst a Quartz?

Amethyst is a type of quartz with mainly violet to purple shades.

What bad effects can an Amethyst stone have?

There are very rare bad effects of amethyst, and it only happens when your body takes time to adapt to it. Very rare side effects are dizziness, headaches, migraine, boating, etc.

Do Amethyst stones fade?

If you keep it with proper care, its color will not fade. But, if you keep amethyst under direct sunlight for a long, its colors can fade a bit.

Can Amethyst go into the water?

Amethyst is a water-safe gemstone. It can go into the water because it has good hardness and durability.







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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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