A Beginner’s Guide on How To Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals soothe our minds, soul, and body. They perform on an energetic level and send powerful vibrations out in the world. A gemstone usually covers a long distance from its source to the seller. 

These crystals are exposed to a wide variety of energy when multiple hands touch them and analyze them. And when you use a gemstone for healing, it can transmit the misaligned or negative energy into your body.

Therefore, cleaning and recharging your crystals is essential to restore their natural state. There are many ways to cleanse crystals. So, let us understand how to cleanse crystals, align their energies with your intention, and much more in this post. 

Why is Crystal Cleansing Important?

The answer is simple. Just like we feel drained and exhausted from time to time, the gemstone also gets overloaded with different kinds of negative energies absorbed over time. Cleansing them means washing away negativity. It also refills them with the divine forces that make these crystals so powerful and grounding, provided you know how to properly cleanse crystals. 

How often should you Cleanse your Crystals?

Do you want to know how often you should cleanse your crystals? According to the experts, the more often you use a crystal, the more energy it absorbs. Therefore, it calls for a thorough gemstone cleansing once a month. Moreover, when you feel that your stone feels heavier than usual, it’s high time you learn how to clean crystals at home

14 Best Ways to Clean Crystals 

1. Water

Place your crystal under a natural running water stream for the best results. Wipe it with a clean and dry cloth when done. Consult an expert to know the best way to clean crystals with water. 

Duration of cleansing – 1 minute per crystal

Ideal for – hard stones like Quartz

Not suitable for – Soft or brittle stones like Kyanite, Halite, and Selenite

2. Salt Water

How to cleanse amethyst? The best way to cleanse this stone is with salt water. Experts recommend collecting some fresh saltwater from the ocean for this process. 

However, if you cannot access the sea, you can also cleanse crystals with salt and water mix at home. So it is all about how to cleanse crystals with salt.  

Duration of cleansing – 1 hour per crystal

Ideal for – Hard stones like amethyst and quartz

Not suitable for – Porous and soft gemstones like Selenite, Calcite, Halite, Angelite, and Lepidolite. 

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3. Brown rice

Take a bowl full of brown rice and bury the crystal into it. Please dispose of the rice at the end of the process as it has absorbed all the negativities of the stone. Moreover, do you want to know how to cleanse crystals with water? Then, you can refer to the above sections for the right method. 

Duration of cleansing – 24 hours per crystal

Ideal for – Protective crystals like Blue Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Labradorite, and Black Obsidian. 

4. Sun 

Do you want to instill love, vitality, and abundance into your stone? If yes, you should cleanse it in the sun. Place the crystal in direct sunlight for a stipulated time to reap the best results. Moreover, you can also ask an expert about how to cleanse your crystals in the right way. 

Duration of cleansing – 12 hours per crystal

Ideal for – Crystals that are not prone to fading in direct sunlight

Not suitable forAquamarine, Beryl, Sapphire, and Fluorite

5. New Moon/Full moon 

How to cleanse crystals with moon water? Another effective way of cleansing your crystal is under the full moon or new moonlight. It will not only absorb the negative energies of the stone but will also fill it with optimism, abundance, and love. Consult a spiritual expert to know how to cleanse crystals. 

Duration of cleansing – 9 hours per crystal

Ideal for – All the gemstones that do not go well with water

6. Eclipses 

How to clean rock crystals during eclipses? Keep your stone on the windowsill at the next lunar or solar eclipse. However, ensure your crystal is amicable with the sun if you are going for a solar eclipse. It is a great way to remove stagnant energy from the gemstone. Do you want to know how to cleanse crystals with incense? We got it for you in the next section. 

Duration of cleansing – During the eclipse

Ideal forClear Quartz

7. Sage

How to cleanse crystals with incense sticks? Using sage to cleanse your stone is a brilliant way to restore its natural energy. For this process, you will need a bundled or loose sage, a lighter, and a fore-safe bowl. Hold the stone in your dominant hand. Move it through the sage smoke for some time. It is all about how to cleanse crystals with sage.

Duration of cleansing – 30 to 60 seconds per crystal

Ideal for – Any gemstone

8. Sound

Experts can cleanse and re-energize a gemstone with the vibrations of a single tone or pitch. For this process, you can go for a brass bell, singing bowls, chanting, or tuning fork. The loudness of the sound should be strong enough to create vibrations in the gemstone. For more understanding, research how to cleanse new crystals with sound. 

Duration of cleansing – Around 5 to 10 minutes per crystal

Ideal for – Large gemstones

Not suitable for – Smaller crystals

9. Using a larger stone

Using larger gemstones for cleansing is a fuss-free and pure way to heal your crystal. You can go for selenite or quartz for this process. All you need to do is, collect your crystals in a bag and place it on the plate. Do you want to know how to cleanse crystals with palo santo? We got it covered for you in the upper sections. 

Duration of cleansing – 6 hours per crystal

Ideal for – All the gemstones that go well with Quartz and Selenite

10. Using smaller stones

Small stones like Hematite, Clear Quartz and Carnelian also have great cleaning properties. Just place all these crystals in a bowl and keep your gemstone on top of it. 

Duration of cleansing – 24 hours per crystal

Ideal for – All the gemstones 

11. Breath

Do you know that you can also cleanse your gemstone with your breath? First, place the stone in your dominant hand. Next, focus all your attention on it. Then, inhale slowly through your nostrils by bringing the crystal closer to your face. And exhale forcefully through your mouth on the stone, in a Hah breath. 

Duration of cleansing – Around 30 seconds per crystal

Ideal for – Small gemstones

Not suitable for – Large and hard gemstones

12. Visualization/Meditation

Meditation or visualization is one of the best ways to cleanse a crystal. However, it would be best to have a great tuning with your inner self to get the best results. Just place the stone in your palm and imagine it submerging into pure white light. 

Duration of cleansing – One minute per crystal

Ideal for – Any gemstone

13. Burial

Nothing can cleanse a gemstone better than mother earth herself. Bury your stone under the ground and allow nature to take over its negativities and reinstate its natural properties. It was all about how to cleanse and recharge crystals with the help of the earth. 

Duration of cleansing – 24 hours per crystal

Ideal forTiger’s Eye, Citrine, Agate, Calcite, Jasper, and Carnelian

14. Selenite

Last but not least, selenite plates are also super effective in cleansing gemstones. The process includes placing all your rocks on a selenite plate during a new moon or a full moon night. After that, it was all about how to cleanse crystals with selenite

Duration of cleansing – Overnight per crystal

Ideal for – Amethyst and clear crystals


So this was all about how to cleanse crystals. Remember, every stone is different and unique. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the right method to cleanse it. You can also consult an expert to learn how to cleanse and charge crystals correctly.







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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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