Gemini Birthstones: Colors, Meaning and Symbolism

What is the Gemini Zodiac Sign? 

Never expect a boring moment when Geminis are around. Geminis are full of life, curious, and amazing thinkers. They are extremely extroverted and fluent speakers. People born under this star sign are blessed for their brilliant problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

No matter how often they fail, they know how to bounce back stronger. People born under this zodiac sign can multiply their strength and charm with the help of the Gemini birthstone. It is what this blog post will be about. Keep reading as we outline everything you need to know about the Gemini birthstones. 

What is the Gemini Birthstone? 

You see, traditionally, agate is the birthstone of Gemini. It is a form of quartz, and chalcedony comes in various shades. It is a powerful grounding and healing gemstone showing incredible benefits on the Geminis. 

Apart from agate, the pearl is the secondary birthstone of this sun sign. Pearl is known for its outstanding emotional balancing properties. It strengthens memory, boosts intelligence, and helps with mental disorders. 

So, this was all about what is Gemini’s birthstone. Stay with us as we explore more about the Gemini zodiac birthstone.

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Why does the Gemini Zodiac Sign have More than One Birthstone?

You see, initially, only Agate was announced to be the birthstone for Geminis. But considering its rising demand and rarity, experts declared pearls as the secondary birthstone Gemini. Both these crystals come with unbelievable physical, emotional, and metaphysical properties. 

June Gemini Birthstone vs. May Gemini Birthstone 

People born between the 21st of May and the 21st of June come under the zodiac sign of Gemini. They are lucky to have multiple gemstones as their birthstones. Emerald is the May Gemini birthstone. This birthstone for Gemini May represents royalty, foresight, and eloquence. 

On the other hand, alexandrite, moonstone, and pearl are the June Gemini birthstones. Alexandrite signifies passion and love. The moonstone symbolizes feminism, love, and beauty. Lastly, pearls indicate perfection and purity.

That’s not all. In the coming sections, we will cover many more aspects of Gemini birthstones and gemstones, including what is Gemini birthstone color

Gemini Birthstone Color 

What color is Gemini’s birthstone? White, orange, yellow, and blue are some common colors associated with this zodiac sign. All these powerful Gemini birthstone colors represent power, courage, wisdom, and love. 

These tones also help Geminis maintain their cool. They will encourage them to stay grounded and make sound decisions in their lives. You can also consult an expert to know more about what color birthstone is Gemini. 

Gemini Birthstone Meaning and History

The name agate is taken from the river Achates in Sicily. This Gemini birthstone was first found in this river in 300 B.C. during the Gallic Wars. The crystal was distinguished by contrasting band patterns and astounding natural hues. 

The visually dynamic band patterns started from the center of the gem and moved out like rings. Ancient kings and warriors used to wear agate to protect themselves from hidden enemies. 

Characteristics of the Gemini Gemstones: 


Geminis who seek ways to balance their yin and yang energies should consider wearing agate gemstones. It has a unique grounding and calming effect. In addition, this crystal effectively cleanses the aura and eradicates negative energies from it.


Pearls bring balance, attract power, and enhance wisdom. It is a cooling, modest gem that soothes the aggression of the Geminis and lets them use their energies in productive tasks. 


Citrine is a guiding gemstone that absorbs negative vibrations from the wearer’s body. Moreover, this Gemini birthstone alsoattracts abundance, prosperity, and wealth to the lives of the Geminis. 


Moonstone is a healing stone that also helps in spiritual growth. It will help you achieve peace of mind and positivity. It also encourages emotional balance, inner peace, and expressing thoughts in Geminis. 


Geminis who are undergoing a recovery process should consider wearing alexandrite. It is a brilliant talisman that helps immensely with long-term diseases. In addition, this Gemini birthstone June can stimulate blood circulation and restore health. 

Tigers Eye 

Refocus your mind, Geminis, with the beautiful tiger’s eye gemstone. This crystal re-energizes senses, attracts fortune and safeguards the wearer from self-sabotaging thoughts. 


Tourmaline improves self-confidence and eradicates fear of the unknown. It also attracts compassion, inspiration, prosperity, and tolerance. Spiritual recommends this crystal during meditation to ground the energies. 

Blue Apatite 

Blue apatite symbolizes ambition, motivation, self-acceptance, and self-confidence. This gemstone is highly regarded in the spiritual circle as it helps re-establish the mind’s connections to the cosmic world. 


This gemstone can enhance wisdom, invite harmony, and guide Geminis toward discretion. Moreover, chrysocolla encourages clarity of thought, purifies the home, and endorses level-headedness. 


Aquamarine is a lucky gemstone that comes with incredible mystical properties. It eliminates fears, ends insecurities, and controls material cravings. In addition, this crystal helps Geminis become humble, selfless, and loving. 


This gorgeous yellow gemstone has the power to cure anxiety and depression. Experts also believe that topaz can bring career growth, money, and fortune into the lives of the Geminis. 


Chrysoprase is a healing gemstone that signifies eloquence, stability, hope, spiritual protection, and communication. It helps Geminis cope with intrusive thoughts.


Amethyst bestows humility, protection, and spiritual wisdom on the Geminis. It also increases spiritual awareness and encourages a higher state of consciousness. 

Gemini Gemstone Care and Cleaning

Gemstones should be regularly cleansed and charged to maintain their physical, emotional, and metaphysical properties. Geminis can clean their gemstones with a mix of foamy and warm water. 

Make sure you avoid using steam cleaners and ultrasonic machines during this process, as they can damage the natural composition of the stones. Apart from this, they should also go for a professional gemstone cleaning once or twice a year.

Gemini Personality Traits & How These Stones Can Help

Geminis are very lucky to have so many gemstones and zodiac birthstones. Every crystal is meant to enhance its strengths and wisdom. Wearing them can bring many positive changes in their lives. However, they are advised to consult an experienced astrologer to identify the right gemstone for their life. 

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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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