Citrine Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties, Uses and More

Citrine Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties, Uses and More

What is Citrine?

Citrine is a very popular variety of quartz found globally and looks like divine hues of sunshine. It can have colors ranging from yellow, orange, and green to red, reflecting the sun’s healing powers. 

Citrine crystal has silicon and oxygen atoms arranged in a tetrahedral pattern that is almost similar. The reason for its soothing and bright shades is the inclusion of aluminum and lithium; that’s what helps create the kind of golden smoky color you see in natural citrine.

Citrine crystal meaning lies in its unique formation, constituents, and powers. Citrine stone has all the emotional, mental, and physical healing virtues which shower happiness and love in life. By keeping this precious stone close to you, you can welcome prosperity and confidence in all forms, which is pure.

Citrine Stone Meaning and Symbolism

The name citrine comes from “lemon” and citric fruits, which completely justify this gemstone because it is a citrus-colored gem. Citrine meaning lies in its rich history, powers, and ability to help people in its surroundings.

You will be surprised to know that citrine properties were used in 3000 BC, as ancient Roman and Greeks used it in ornaments. As a result, the antique decor pieces, ornaments, swords, statues, and monuments have embedded citrine, which is the witness of its magnificent properties.

Even in the 17th century, Queen Victoria used citrine crystals to layer her dresses. Citrine quartz has a very high positive energy, filling the wearer with enthusiasm. Also, citrine crystal meaning lies in its ability to cure diseases, channels all the chakras, and brings wealth. Therefore, its use in trending jewelry is common to manifest its powers.

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Citrine Benefits and Powers

Citrine crystal properties lie in its amazing powers from all the natural forces. Some of its benefits and capabilities are:

  • New Beginnings – Among all the citrine crystal benefits, its manifestation power is the greatest. So, if you’re up to something new, which can be small or big, this stone will aid you. It fills you with motivation, confidence, and clarity to work hard and achieve success.
  • Clarity – In the hustle of life, clarity is one thing everyone misses. With lots of confusion and overthinking, you strive for clarity. Well, citrine lights the path, helps you fixate on important things, and leads to clarity which further relaxes you. It’s a great stone for solving any problem.
  • Power of Solar Energy Among all the properties of citrine, having solar power is the greatest. This energy leads to manifestation, new changes, good relationships, success, wealth, and a healing body. So use the sun, i.e., the ultimate energy source, and citrine in your favor.
  • Good for metabolism As already mentioned, it’s high in energy and helps you improve your metabolism. In addition, it corrects eating habits, cures digestive problems, and improves overall body functions.
  • Wealth Stone – What does citrine crystal do for wealth? Well, it’s popularly known as “Merchant’s stone” as it is believed to bring immense fortune, wealth, and prosperity. So, if you want to boost your savings and gain profits, this gemstone can do wonders.

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Different Types and Varieties of Citrine Stone

The spiritual meaning of citrine varies according to its various types. Some types, varieties, and citrine crystal meanings are:

Yellow Citrine

Yellow citrine is common and awakens solar plexus chakra to fill you with witty energy, creativity, and action. It’s a cheerful, hopeful stone that looks for change and new opportunities.

Honey Citrine 

It has slight inclusions of off-white and has a rich caramel look. It strengthens the brain and body to seek joy, opportunities, and love. It enhances the quality of relationships and brings joy in all forms. 

Golden Citrine 

Golden citrine looks heavenly with warm golden and yellow tones having iron inclusions. It’s perfect for adding jewelry and looks like warm sun rays. In addition, it has good effects on the body and helps recover while boosting energy.

Madeira Citrine 

Madeira Citrine has a wood orange color, and its name comes from the Brazilian word “Madeira,” which means wood. It gives clarity and transformation properties.

Fire Citrine 

A very deep, dynamic, and radiant color, fire citrine has an orangish red color which is quite rare. It is great for relationships, high energy, and starting new beginnings.

Brown Citrine 

Brown citrine has a dominant shade of both brown and orange and looks very subtle and energizing. It’s great to use the powers of solar energy and execute them in daily tasks.

Palmeira Citrine

It has both the hues of orange and red equal and looks very royal. It’s good for hard work, success, and bringing wealth to life.

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Citrine Shapes and Forms

Citrine Cluster

A citrine cluster is a natural form of citrine, and it’s found in mineral clusters. It can be used directly or cut to execute jewelry and other objects.

Citrine Spheres

Citrine spheres are made from natural crystal to give a smooth texture and polished look. It looks good as home decor and brings happiness in life.

Raw Citrine

Raw citrine crystal is in its natural form, with edges and long shapes, and looks deformed. However, citrine raw crystal brings love, happiness, and clarity to life.

Citrine Tumbled Stones

Citrine tumbled stones have rounded shapes like small pebbles and look aesthetically pleasing. They are used to make jewelry, home decor items, etc.

Geodes Citrine

Citrine geode is quite a rare phenomenon, and the chances are you have seen orange amethyst. Citrine doesn’t indulge in geode formation and always arises in clusters and groups of crystals.

Citrine Points

They are shaped to form long pointed beams of crystal. They look very interesting and make beautiful pendants and decorative items.

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Citrine Healing Properties and Benefits

Here are the best citrine healing properties and benefits which reflect citrine crystal meaning:

Citrine Physical Healing Properties

Citrine charges up the body to improve metabolism. It takes away all the sluggish nature and energizes all the body’s senses. It especially heals thyroid problems. Also, vitamin D energy from the sun makes you more creative and happy.

Citrine Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

Being a very happy stone will help you rise from sad times. It will cancel all the negative energy, depression, and stress and still see hope in all situations. It also controls anger and moments of heat and helps you calm down. 

Citrine Metaphysical Properties

Citrine metaphysical properties are derived from the power of the sun. The citrine chakra is the solar plexus and sacral chakra; as a result, it helps in circulation, heart, and control of feelings. As a result, it carries immense confidence, keeps sadness away, and enables you to start new beginnings. 

Citrine Uses: How to Get the Most of this Stone

To utilize the citrine spiritual meaning, welcome it to your life in some of the best things:

Citrine in Beauty Products

Having all the shine and abundance of nature, citrine is used in beauty products. Its small quantities are infused with setting powders, creams, and foundations. It gives a very healthy glow. In addition, there are citrine stone face massagers to increase the blood flow for a nourishing shine.

Citrine Jewelry

Since ancient times citrine has been used in jewelry pieces. It makes it look more beautiful and gives the wearer great advantages. With direct contact with your body, you can try comfortable yet stylish necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. It looks phenomenal and up levels any attire.

Citrine in Meditation

Citrine helps to achieve focus and develop a healthy meditation practice. However, you can fix your energy in this stone, which will elevate it to give you eternal peace. Also, you can place it near your throat or chest for healthy meditation time.

Citrine at Home

Citrine crystal meaning can be used through home decor objects, mirrors, vases, furniture, and more. It will add lots of energy, happiness, and motivation. In addition, it will affect the family members, and you will notice a very good atmosphere.

FAQs on Citrine Crystal

What zodiac is Citrine?

Citrine is great for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

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How to cleanse Citrine stone?

To cleanse Citrine, you can keep it under running water. Also, you can cleanse it with soapy water or burn it safely with sage.

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Where is Citrine found?

Citrine is found globally but is especially abundant in Russia, Madagascar, and Brazil.

What does Citrine do?

Citrine uses the sun’s energy to add positive energy and many good vibes to life.

What is Citrine good for?

Citrine is good for metabolism, healing heart chakras, and bringing good energy to life. It helps you start new beginnings and brings success.

What are the Citrine stone side effects?

There are no side effects of Citrine, as it’s a happy stone that only brings good blessings.

What does Citrine look like?

Citrine looks like an orangish yellow stone, which has a great shine.

How to recognize natural Citrine crystals?

Natural Citrine crystal has a consistency that is quite rare in gemstones. For example, you can notice golden, orange, and yellow hues having even tones.

How to charge Citrine?

To charge Citrine, place it under the moonlight. It will elevate its powers.

Does Citrine Cleanse other stones?

Yes, Citrine cleanses other stones with its amazing solar powers.

What month is Citrine stone? (birthstone)

Citrine stone is the November birthstone.

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What chakra is Citrine?

The chakra of Citrine is the Solar plexus chakra.

Can Citrine go into the water?

Yes, Citrine is a water-safe crystal.

Can Citrine be in the sun?

It can go in the sun, but you shouldn’t leave it under direct sunlight for too long. It already has the sun’s warmth and can lose its color.

Is Lemon Quartz the same as Citrine?

No, Lemon Quartz is heated Quartz, whereas Citrine is natural.







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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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