Jasper Crystal Meaning: Types, Symbolism and Uses

Jasper Crystal Meaning Types, Symbolism and Uses

What is Jasper?

It is time to know about a gemstone as old as Earth. Yes, we are talking about Jasper. So, what is a Jasper stone? Jasper is a stunning and unique crystal that comes in all seven colors of the rainbow. 

Jasper gemstone is a form of chalcedony or microcrystalline quartz and has incredible healing and enlightenment properties. Keep reading as we outline more about the Jasper crystal meaning, its uses, and what Jasper does. 

Jasper Stone’s Meaning and Symbolism

“Jaspere” is an old French term that means a speckle or a spot. And what does Jasper stone look like? Jasper is a versatile gemstone that has scars or specks on it. It gets this look from inclusions of ash, minerals, or sediments within the crystal structure. 

Moreover, Jasper crystal symbolizes tranquillity, a vibration of peace and energy. It is a powerful crystal that can bring comfort and a sense of reassurance to the wearer. Do you want to know the Jasper stone properties? We got everything for you in the upcoming sections of the blog post. 

Jasper Benefits and Powers

Jasper is one of the unique gemstones in the world that will bless your mind, body, and soul in innumerable ways. As per the Jasper crystal meaning, relaxation, compassion, consolation, contentment, and completion are the major properties of this gemstone. 

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Different Colors and Types of Jasper Stone

Biggs Jasper

It is a favorite of the leading jewelry brands. However, ensure you understand the Jasper meaning crystal and what a Jasper stone looks like before getting one. 

Heliotrope (Bloodstone)

It helps in treating various blood diseases. Connect with an expert to understand what the stone Jasper looks like.

Brecciated Jasper

This type of Jasper stone offers focus and mental clarity to the wearer. 

Dalmatian Jasper

Jasper’s metaphysical properties of this type of stone are unmatchable. It eradicates negativity and promotes sound sleep.

Green Jasper

This Jasper stone color promotes vitality and treats severe inflammatory conditions. You should consult an expert to learn Jasper stone, meaning green.

Imperial Jasper

Imperial Jasper stone benefits the root and third eye chakra

Kambaba Jasper

This Jasper stone promotes tranquillity and peace in the wearer. 

Mookaite Jasper

It is an anti-aging gemstone that boosts self-worth and self-confidence. Research more about Mookaite Jasper crystal properties for a better understanding. 


This Jasper benefits by infusing compassion, tranquillity, and gentleness into your mind and body.

Ocean Jasper

Get an optimistic outlook on your life by wearing an authentic Ocean Jasper. Then, read more about the spiritual meaning of Jasper for better clarity. 

Picture Jasper

It represents the Rainbow Bridge that connects the Earth to heaven. First, consult an experienced astrologer to know what Jasper is good for. 

Zebra Jasper

This crystal boosts physical energy and endurance level. Try to understand more about Jasper crystal meaning to get the best from this incredible gemstone. 

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Other Types Of Jasper 

  • African Jasper – is a natural stone found in Nevada, Utah, and Queensland, Australia. This African Jasper features a jelly-like luster similar to Turquoise.
  • Brazilian Jasper – Brazilian Jasper was a famous gemstone in ancient times and used for making jewelry. It combines microcrystalline quartz, chalcedony, and other minerals, giving it colorful bands and patterns. 
  • Bruneau Jasper – This stone is one of the varieties of mineral jasper and exhibits particular colors and patterns. 
  • Bumblebee Jasper – This remarkable crystal reduces chronic worries and helps you come out as a confident person.
  • Carrasite Jasper – This type of Jasper can help you attain the ultimate state of peace and zen. 
  • Dendritic Jasper – Dendritic Jasper encourages idealistic thinking and creativity.
  • Drusy Jasper – Drusy Jasper promotes natural healing on the mental, spiritual, and physical levels.
  • Fancy Jasper – This stone will help you worry less and deal with your fears head-on. 
  • Green Hair Jasper – This powerful gemstone improves your control over impulsive actions and motivates you to stay connected to the Earth’s energy.
  • Impression Jasper – Impression Jasper absorbs negativities and aligns spirit, mind, and body.
  • Jasper Beads – Jasper Beads are great to support during tiring and stressful times.
  • Jaspers Pseudomorphic on Fossils – This type of jasper stone has patterns similar to fossilized green algae with round black and green circles. 
  • Kona Jasper – This jasper stone features a beautifully muted swirl of dark reds and is widely used in jewelry.
  • Leopard Jasper – This dazzling gemstone strengthens the thigh and spine muscles like a leopard.
  • Massive Blocky Jaspers – These are thick gemstones made due to the change of the rhyolitic tuffs and formed after volcanic deposits.
  • Maligano Jasper – It eradicates negative energies, brings transformation, promotes stress relief, and stimulates spiritual growth.
  • Morrisonite Jasper – It heals stomach ailments, supports the heart, and regulates blood pressure.
  • Noreena Jasper – This healing stone encourages you to accept changes and go for new experiences.
  • Orbed Jaspers – It is a favorite of jewelry makers. You can find a wide range of Orbed Jasper rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets on the market. 
  • Owyhee Jasper – It helps clear your mind and ease nervousness and anxiety.
  • Picasso Jasper – Picasso Jasper will help you perceive your thoughts and instill inner clarity.
  • Rainforest Jasper – This is a strong gemstone that aids spiritual healing.
  • Red Creek Jasper – This stone promotes self-discipline, protection, and compassion.
  • Rough Jasper – Rough Jasper is a popular gemstone widely used in spiritual practices. It eradicates negative energies and provides a strong spiritual grounding.
  • Sea Jasper – It provides tranquillity, uplifts energy, and helps you develop an optimistic outlook.
  • Rhyolitic Jaspers – This stone helps in increasing self-worth and self-esteem. It also facilitates change.
  • Spider Web Jasper – is a wonderful crystal that treats bones, stomach, gallbladder, and liver health issues.
  • Stratiform (Layered) Jaspers – They have beautiful dune-like lines or layers and are a very popular gemstone for jewelry.
  • Turquoise Jasper – Turquoise Jasper symbolizes discretion and flexibility. It develops intuitive memory and also helps you stay in shape.
  • Unakite – Experts call it a stone of vision. It opens the third eye chakra and also helps in scrying.

Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

Jasper Physical Healing Properties

Jasper is a restorative gemstone that nurtures the liver, kidneys, bladder, and spleen. It improves the absorption of manganese and iron in the body. It also helps in controlling abdominal and stomach infections and eases liver enlargement. Any person who understands a real Jasper gemstone’s meaning can gain maximum benefits from this gemstone. 

Jasper Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

Do you experience disorientation or confusion all of a sudden? If yes, Jasper can help you get out of it because it aligns your thoughts and feelings. It makes you aware of the current situations, making you mature enough to make informed decisions. As per the historical meaning of Jasper stone, it can make you calmer and more composed. 

Jasper Metaphysical Properties

The frequency of Jasper gemstone is very calming and steady. It is almost like having a reliable companion on your side. It will shield you against the fear of the unknown and open gateways to inner peace, tranquillity, and contentment. 

Holding a Jasper while meditating will help you slow down, relax, and stay grounded during the process. However, it would be best if you connect with an expert to understand Jasper spiritual meaning to establish a connection with the energies of the Earth.

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Jasper Uses: How to Get the Most of Jasper Stone

So, this was all about what is Jasper stone and its properties of Jasper stone. Experts call it a must-have stone for people with low self-esteem and an inferiority complex. So, what are you waiting for? Consult a gemologist, learn about the Jasper crystal meaning and identify the best stone for you. 

Jasper Jewelry

Jasper is a versatile crystal widely used in jewelry items like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. It is known for its beautiful colors and patterns, which make it perfect for creating unique and stylish pieces. Jasper is also durable, making it a good choice for everyday wear. 

Jasper in Meditation

Keeping a real Jasper while meditating will help you connect deeper with the cosmic world. 

Jasper at Home

Jasper also makes for an arresting interior décor item. Placing it in your home will keep negativities at bay and invite prosperity and happiness. 

FAQs on Jasper Crystal 

Real Jasper vs. Fake Jasper: How to Differentiate?

A real Jasper is very sturdy and scratch-resistant.

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How to cleanse Jasper stone?

One of the options to cleanse Jasper stone is to soak it in lukewarm water for at least three to five minutes.

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Where is Jasper found?

It is found in India, Egypt, Russia, and Madagascar.

What does Jasper do?

Jasper stimulates the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a person.

What is Jasper good for?

Jasper is an excellent option for home, meditation, and jewelry.

How to charge Jasper?

You can charge your Jasper under the moonlight.

What chakra is Jasper?

Jasper is a root chakra gemstone.

Can Jasper go into the water?

Yes, you can keep your Jasper in the water for some time.

Can Jasper be in the sun?

Yes, you can keep it in the sunlight. But prolonged exposure can fade away its color.

What is the rarest color of Jasper?

Blue is the rarest color of Jasper.







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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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