Scorpio Birthstones: Color, Uses and Symbolism

What is the Scorpio Zodiac Sign? 

Passionate, persistent, secretive, and extremely loyal. Scorpions are one of a kind. Mars bestows them with a unique boldness and fearlessness. They are super creative, passionate, and fierce. 

People born under this sun sign love expressing their feelings, but with a twist. Mysterious Scorpions like to look different from the crowd and lead the masses. However, emotions, thoughts, and calmness linger below the surface. 

Scorpions can multiply their strength and empower their aura with the help of their birthstones and gemstones. So keep reading on as we outline all the essentials of Scorpio birthstone in this post. 

What is the Scorpio Birthstone? 

Scorpions are emotional, determined, and complex people. However, they can also have a few negative traits like possessiveness and jealousy. Luckily these characteristics can be managed effectively with a Scorpio birthstone. So, what is Scorpio’s birthstone? The answer isTopaz. 

Astrologers believe Topaz can fuel the Scorpions’ energy, awareness, creativity, and focus. It can also soothe stress in relationships and help you cherish an affectionate relationship with your partner. This Scorpio birthstone also evokes faithfulness and loyalty in the wearer. 

The second birthstone for Scorpio is the Red Coral. It is an organic crystal that is formed by marine creatures. It is a warrior stone that was first found in the Mediterranean Sea. This birthstone for Scorpio symbolizes courage and confidence.

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Why does the Scorpio Zodiac Sign have More than One Birthstone?

Initially, there was only one birthstone Scorpio, i.e., the topaz. But considering the widely versatile temperament of the Scorpions, astrologers introduced the second Scorpio stone, i.e., red coral. 

Both gemstones work towards balancing the highly volatile nature of the Scorpions. You should seek the advice of an experienced astrologer to identify the right birthstone for you. In addition, you should consult an expert to know more about the birthstone for Scorpio November.

October Scorpio Birthstone vs. November Scorpio Birthstone 

Topaz is the birthstone of Scorpio in October. It is a powerful gemstone that removes negative energies from the body and strengthens brain health. Moreover, citrine is the November Scorpio birthstone. It is a charming gemstone that invites good health, warmth, and fortune to the wearer’s life. This November birthstone, Scorpio can completely transform the lives of the Scorpios for good. 

Scorpio Birthstone Color

Yellow is the Scorpio birthstone color. This color shares a close association with the sun. Its life-giving warmth instills courage and wisdom in the wearer. Moreover, it also fills the wearers’ lives with cheerfulness and optimism. 

Scorpio Birthstone Meaning and History

Topaz is taken from the Sanskrit term ‘Tapas,’ which means heat. This Scorpio birthstone is formed from cooled-down lava or volcanic magma. This mystical origin fills topaz with excellent properties that can greatly benefit Scorpions. 

According to ancient texts, topaz was first found in 1737 in Germany. This crystal was renowned for its unbelievable healing properties. In addition, European royals used to wear this gemstone as an allegory of wealth and status. 

Why don’t you connect with an expert to learn about this Scorpio birthstone in October? 

Characteristics of the Scorpio Gemstones: 


Opal is an amplifying gemstone that invites positive energy and clarity of thought into your life. Moreover, this Scorpio birthstone opal is a great crystal for eye, hair, and skin health.


The Scorpio birthstone topaz heals, stimulates, soothes, and recharges the body’s meridians. It is a powerful stone that directs the energy to the right spheres of life. This October Scorpio birthstone also promotes forgiveness and truth. It is a lot unsaid about this fierce birthstone Scorpio October.


The Scorpio birthstone citrine signifies optimism and positivity. Its cheerful hue rejuvenates the mind and awakens the solar plexus chakra. Apart from this, the Scorpio birthstone November can also invite financial abundance and love into your life. 


Amethyst symbolizes spiritual wisdom, humility, and protection. It can safeguard you against physical negativity and emotional turmoil. Spiritual leaders use Scorpio birthstone amethyst crystal to eradicate evil thoughts, increase intelligence, and balance chakras. 


Aquamarine is a shielding stone that will protect you against evil energies and toxic intentions. This crystal can also soothe an aggressive and overactive mind. 


Rubies symbolize concentration, energy, loyalty, compassion, honor, and creativity. It is a protective gemstone that stimulates the heart chakra and attracts spiritual wisdom. Ruby is also a great birthstone for Scorpio women.


Obsidian is a mysterious gemstone that is known for its outstanding absorbing properties. For example, it can instantly absorb unwanted energies from the surrounding. Moreover, its healing powers can help you overcome toxic relationships or work environments. 


Agate is a grounding gem that holds high regard in spiritual circles. Experts use this gemstone to balance yin and yang energies, remove negativity, and cleanse the aura. It can also bring out hidden talents within you and encourage you to speak the truth. 


Beryl is a good luck charm that stimulates the mind and boosts self-confidence. It also provides mental peace and can help you overcome stress. Scorpions can wear this gemstone to improve their communication skills. 


Peridot is a stone of manifestation that can help fulfill your deepest desires. It purifies and strengthens the energetic and physical bodies and encourages open-heartedness. 

Scorpio Gemstone Care and Cleaning

It would help if you always went for a mix of warm and soapy water to clean your Scorpio gemstones. Moreover, you can remove the dirt accumulated in the jewelry with the help of a soft toothbrush. Experts also recommend a professional gemstone cleaning session once or twice a year for the best results. 

Scorpio Personality Traits & How These Stones Can Help

Gem therapists believe that when Scorpions place their birthstones and gemstones on their bodies, it creates a seamless connection with the earth’s energy. These stones will bring good luck, happiness, and fortune into the lives of the Scorpions. Most importantly, these gemstones will keep the Scorpions grounded and will always lead them to the right paths. 

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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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