Complete List of Purple Crystals and Healing Stones with Images

Are you looking to add the power of crystals and healing stones to your life? If so, look no further! There is a vast range of purple-colored crystals that are able to create powerful energetic vibrations. Each of these beautiful forms possesses unique properties that can help bring about spiritual healing, balance emotions and improve well-being. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to a selection of purple-hued gems available today – from Amethyst and Lavender Jade to Purple Tourmaline – and explain their metaphysical benefits in detail. Keep reading for an exciting dive into the world of purifying energy purple crystals!

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Complete List of Purple Crystals and Stones

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Lavender Fluorite

Learn more about: Fluorite meaning

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Lavender Jade

Learn more about: Jade meaning

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Purple Agate

Learn more about: Agate meaning

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Purple Aventurine

Learn more about: Aventurine meaning

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Purple Diamond

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Purple Jasper

Learn more about: Jasper meaning

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Purple Kunzite

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Purple Marialite

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Purple Morganite

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Purple Sapphire

Learn more about: Sapphire meaning

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Purple Smithsonite

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Purple Tiger’s Eye

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Purple Topaz

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Purple Tourmaline

Learn more about: Tourmaline meaning

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FAQs on Purple Crystals

What do purple crystals mean?

Purple crystals have long been associated with a feeling of spirituality and wisdom. The color purple itself is often linked to spiritual exploration, creativity, and inner growth. For instance, Amethyst, which is a type of purple crystal found in many jewel boxes, is believed to provide protection against negative energy. It is also known for its ability to inspire deep spiritual insight and self-reflection. Whether you use crystals for healing purposes or just for their aesthetics—like wearing them as jewelry—purple crystals can be incredibly meaningful when exploring your spiritual side.

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What are purple crystals used for?

Purple crystals are believed to symbolize strength and spirituality, with the color associated with wisdom. They are popularly used in meditation, as they are thought to open one up to a higher spiritual realm. These purple stones can also be worn as pendants or jewelry and are said to radiate positive energy, increase creativity, and contribute to overall clarity and insight. In addition, purple crystals are sometimes used in Feng Shui practices as they can add balance and harmony to a room. Whether their effects are physical or psychological, many people have regarded purple crystals as powerful healing agents for both the mind and spirit.

What are the purple crystals’ healing properties?

The purple crystals, considered to have strong healing properties, are formed in magma chambers by extremely high temperatures and pressures. They can be found in a variety of gemstones, such as Amethyst and Tanzanite. They possess powerful metaphysical energies that balance the body’s chakras, strengthen the body’s aura and enhance one’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. These crystal healing properties include relaxation and pain relief, stress relief, improved sleep quality, enhanced creativity and intuition, improved focus and concentration, protection from negative energies, and invigoration of the spirit. Purple crystals can also be used to creatively manifest goals, dreams, and desires into reality. 

How to use purple crystals?

Hold the stone in your hand while focusing on your intention. As you do this, meditate on how it will manifest in your life, allowing the power of purple crystals to infuse itself within you. As you come out of meditation, remind yourself daily of your goal and continue to hold the stone whenever possible. If a particular intention is difficult to achieve, you might consider placing several crystals around it or by, wearing them as jewelry, or placing them on or near your bedside table. Real transformation is within reach with patience and a little faith in the power of purple crystals.

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What should you consider before using purple crystals?

Before taking the plunge and incorporating purple crystals into your life, it’s important to consider certain things. Firstly, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research – familiarize yourself with the properties and meanings behind purple crystals. Ask yourself why you are drawn to this particular type of crystal – are you looking for protection, emotional grounding, or another purpose? You will be carrying your chosen crystal around with you, so selecting one that resonates deeply with you makes sense. Additionally, understand how to properly use and care for your crystal before introducing it into your environment.

Should you cleanse purple crystals?

Cleaning purple crystals is important for a number of reasons. As part of the quartz family, purples crystals absorb negative energy, which can accumulate over time if not moved and cleaned. By doing this, you are allowing it to reset and cleanse itself in order to be able to work at its fullest potential.

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