Sagittarius Birthstones: Color, Meanings and History 

What is the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign? 

Strong-headed, passionate, lively, eccentric, and smart. Sagittarians are some of the most distinct personalities you will come across in your life. They are like free birds who don’t carry any burdens on their minds. 

However, at times, due to uncomplimentary celestial positions, Sagittarians cannot reap the full benefits of their hard work and determination. It is where Sagittarius birthstones come into the picture. They can effectively eradicate obstacles and show them the right path in life. 

People love them for their optimism, spontaneity, sense of humor, honesty, and intelligence. Sagittarians usually like to create cults and have many friends. They are one of the best conversationalists you can encounter in your life. 

Let’s delve deeper into the world of birthstone Sagittarius and understand its effects on the lives of the Sagittarians. But first, let’s start with what the birthstone of Sagittarius is.

What is the Sagittarius Birthstone?

Born during the darkest torments of winter, just before the pinnacle, it is no surprise that Sagittarians get their fierceness from the fire sign. Naturally, therefore, they needed equally powerful birthstones to contain this fierceness. 

Turquoise is the birthstone of the males born under this zodiac sign. This gorgeous blue gem bestows innumerable physical, emotional, and metaphysical properties on the Sagittarians. 

Moreover, blue topaz is the birthstone of the females born under this star sign. This mesmerizing crystal symbolizes righteousness, loyalty, communication, and far-sightedness. It motivates the Sagittarian women to stand up for themselves and make bold decisions.

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Why does the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign have More than One Birthstone?

Although Sagitarrius is a single zodiac sign, the characteristics of both males and females born under this sign differ. Therefore, experts recommended two different gemstones for both genders. Both birthstones bless the wearers with good health, fortune, and prosperity. It also guides them to the right path in their lives.

November Sagittarius Birthstone vs. December Sagittarius Birthstone 

Blue Topaz and Citrine are the two November Sagittarius birthstones. Both gemstones come with incredible healing properties. In addition, they work towards neutralizing the energies of the fierce Sagittarians. Now let’s move on to the birthstone Sagittarius December. 

So, what is Sagittarius birthstone December? Well, Turquoise is the birthstone for this month. It is an incredibly healing crystal that fosters communication and emotional balance in the wearers. However, ensure you consult an astrologer before considering introducing the December Sagittarius birthstone into your life. 

And what color is Sagittarius birthstone? We got that covered in the next segment. 

Sagittarius Birthstone Color

Considering the colors of Blue Topaz and Turquoise, blue is the Sagittarius birthstone color. This color signifies the sea and the sky. It encourages sensitivity, inspiration, imagination, intuition, and freedom. It also represents faith, stability, confidence, wisdom, and sincerity. 

Sagittarius Birthstone Meaning and History

The term turquoise is taken from the French word ‘Pierre torques,’ which means a “Turkish stone.’ The pre-Columbian Native Americans found the first turquoise in 200 B.C. Moreover, ancient Shamans considered this Sagittarius birthstone sacred and used it in their sacred ceremonies. 

On the other hand, blue topaz is the crystal of healing and peace. This gorgeous gemstone was found over two millennia ago by the ancient Romans on the Island of Topazioz in the Red Sea. Romans believed that blue topaz had the power to protect the wearer from hidden enemies and bring reunion. 

Characteristics of the Sagittarius Gemstones


The most lucky stone for Sagittarians is turquoise. This opaque gem enhances their expression and communication. In addition, its miraculous powers of turquoise will encourage them to focus on their major pursuits in life. 

Blue Topaz 

Topaz, especially Blue Topaz, is a boon for the fiery Sagittarians. This November birthstone Sagittarius instills peace in their hearts and neutralizes their forces. Moreover, it helps Sagittarian women fine-tune their sensibilities and attain their life goals. 


Amethyst is a wonderful gem that helps you access your intuition and cosmic intelligence. It also guides you to gain insight into the real world by calming down your hyperactive energies. 


Ruby is one of the main gemstones for the people born under this zodiac sign. It boosts the self-confidence of the Sagittarians and opens gateways for a meaningful and prosperous life. Ruby also bestows divine blessings and material luxuries into their lives. 


Beryl bestows Sagittarius with fortune, luck, and eternal youthfulness. Apart from this, it also stimulates the mind and boosts self-confidence. The best part is that this crystal offers mental clarity and enhances communication skills. 

Lapis Lazuli

Sagittarians who feel low should consider wearing lapis lazuli. It is a brilliant gemstone that effortlessly uplifts the energies of the people born under this sun sign. Apart from this, it also safeguards traveling Sagittarians against accidents and injuries. 


Citrine will provide the confidence Sagittarians need to attain their goals. In addition, this Sagittarius zodiac birthstone will also encourage them to focus on positive things in life. So, if you are a Sagittarius stuck in a rut, citrine is your ultimate savior. 


Zircon is one of the oldest gemstones in the world that can positively impact the lives of Sagittarians. It bestows these people with abundance, good health, and prosperity. 

Sagittarius Gemstone Care and Cleaning

It is recommended not to use harsh chemical solutions to cleanse your Sagittarius birthstones and gemstones. Instead, the best is to rely on a mix of warm and soapy water for this process. Moreover, professional cleaning will also help enhance these crystals. 

Sagittarius Personality Traits & How These Stones Can Help

Sagittarians are unique, confident, charming, intellectual, and full of life. The best part is that people falling under this sun sign are content with whatever little they have. However, when times are tough and their confidence level goes down, they can use these gemstones to get back on their feet. 

These gemstones will heal them from within and develop the confidence to face life challenges head-on. However, you should first try to understand the real meaning of what is Sagittarius’s birthstone before introducing it into your life. 

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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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