Leo Birthstones: Meaning, Color and Uses

What is the Leo Zodiac Sign? 

Leos are the best of friends and the best soulmates in the world. Having a Leo in your life is truly a blessing in itself. Do you also have a Leo in your life? Consider gifting them the right Leo birthstone to refine their personality and enhance their strengths. 

Vivacious, passionate, and theoretical, Leos are full of life. They are born leaders and love to bask in the limelight wherever they go. They like to be complimented and praised for their efforts. 

Playful Leos perceive themselves as a celebrity. They don’t mind indulging in romances and dramas. Consistency, loyalty, and stability are very important for Leos. Their determination and perseverance to achieve their life goals are unmatchable. They are the ultimate risk-takers who do not think twice before leaping.

What is the Leo Birthstone?

Ruby is the traditional birthstone for Leo, as per Vedic astrology. Ruby, the king of the gemstones, is closely associated with the Sun. This astrological birthstone for Leo shimmers with love, passion, and strength.

Similarly, as per western astrology, peridot is the birthstone for Leos. The Peridot Leo birthstone is associated with good health, harmony, and intelligence. Experts call it a mystical crystal for the highly ambitious Leos.

But most importantly, this birthstone Leo is a heart healer. It helps Leos to move on in life happily. Consider consulting an expert to know what Leo birthstone is.

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Why does the Leo Zodiac Sign have More than One Birthstone?

First, the Leo sun sign has two birthstones because of the difference in opinions between Vedic and western astrology. Apart from this, Ruby is a rare and more expensive gemstone everyone cannot afford. Therefore, experts recommended a secondary jewel for the convenience of the wearers. 

July Leo Birthstone vs. August Leo Birthstone 

Ruby is the traditional July Leo birthstone. Similarly, peridot is the ultimate August Leo birthstone. Both these birthstones come with incredible physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties. And what is Leo birthstone color? We got that covered for you in the upcoming section. 

Leo Birthstone Color

Green is the Leo birthstone color. It signifies health, luck, and prosperity. This shade also represents fertility and growth. Green also imbibes tranquility in the lives of the Leos. It calms their impulsive mind and rejuvenates their imagination.

Leo Birthstone Meaning and History

Ruby is a Latin word that means deep red gemstone. This Leo birthstone was discovered in 2500 B.C. in Myanmar. It has been a favorite of royals since then.

The term peridot is derived from the Arabic word “faridat,” which means gem. Its origin dates back to ancient Egyptian volcanic islands. However, after the abandonment of the islands, this crystal was rediscovered in 1906. 

Characteristics of the Leo Gemstones: 


Peridot symbolizes safety, calmness, and focus. This birthstone for Leo August heals the heart chakra and eradicates the traces of negative experiences from the wearer’s mind. Apart from this, peridot also helps manifest positive things and invite financial abundance.


First, rubies signify power, royalty, integrity, protection, and good fortune. They boost Leos’s mental strength and attract name and fame to their lives. This zodiac Leo birthstone also enhances marital harmony and improves health conditions.


Carnelian enhances the adventurous temperament of the Leos. This powerful gemstone also ignites creativity and innovation. Overall, this August birthstone Leo is a crystal of manifestation that makes the impossible possible. 

Black Onyx 

Leos that are facing anxiety and grief in their lives should consider wearing black onyx. This gemstone helps calm the restless mind and balances the yin and yang. It also helps in grounding a person’s energies and allows him to make wise choices. 

Tigers Eye 

Tiger’s eye is the crystal of courage. It balances the root chakras and makes one grounded. This gemstone also boosts the strength and confidence of the Leos and helps them build a strong foundation for a better future. 


Jasper protects Leos from hidden enemies and toxic intentions. It brings clarity to thoughts and enhances the sense of understanding. Moreover, jasper also brings tranquility to the Leos’ minds and gives them the courage to face difficulties in their life.


Amber can play a vital role in alleviating depression in Leos. It can also heal their sacral

and root chakras by removing energy blockages. Amber is a grounding gemstone

that guides Leos to stay humble and polite in their lives. 


Citrine is all about optimism and positivity. It brings happiness and financial abundance to the lives of the Leos. It is a wonderful gemstone that enhances personal power and cultivates confidence. 


Aventurine is the ultimate luck amplifier gemstone that attracts wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Apart from this, it also brings opportunistic energy to the Leos. It helps them become more competitive and intuitive.


Leos who struggle to focus on their tasks should consider wearing topaz. It is a powerful gemstone that sharpens the grasping skills of a person. Moreover, it also soothes the aggressive mind of the wearer and helps survive nervous breakdowns


Garnet is a rejuvenating gemstone that attracts success and passion. It also effectively removes energetic and emotional blocks that are limiting your effervescence. Spiritual leaders recommend this gem to create an emotional and energetic balance in the body.


It is a crystal of communication that encourages the Leos to speak their mind. It gives courage to the Leos to stand up for themselves and fight the evils. Overall, this gemstone brings peace and balance into the lives of Leos. 


Leos can not find a better companion than labradorite. Spiritual leaders call it a crystal of lyrical mysticism and stunning light that can transform the life of a Leo for good. Labradorite will enhance their intuition and help in gaining deeper insight. 

Rose Quartz

Leos are passionate lovers. And rose quartz is a perfect crystal to help them express their love to their special ones. Moreover, this gemstone also resolves trust issues and instills compassion in the heart of the wearer. 


Rhodochrosite is a powerful healing gemstone. It signifies

harmony, comfort, friendship, compassion, tolerance, and self-love. Leos should

consult an expert to learn more about this Leo zodiac birthstone.

Leo Gemstone Care and Cleaning

The best way to clean Leo birthstone is with a mix of warm and soapy water. Moreover, you should always store your expensive gemstone jewelry items in a dry and cool place. Professional cleaning once a year is also recommended to boost the life of your Leo stones.

Leo Personality Traits & How These Stones Can Help

So, this was all about Leos and their lucky birthstones and gemstones. Every stone mentioned here grounds the Leos, help them see situations in their true nature, and make wise decisions in life. They also imbibe honesty, wisdom, and courage into the minds of the Leos. However, a professional 

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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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