What is Mother of Pearl (Nacre): History, Meaning and Uses

What is Mother of Pearl (Nacre) History, Meaning and Uses

What is the Mother of Pearl?

Mother of pearl is a gorgeous shining gem widely used in jewelry pieces and household décor items. So, what is the mother of pearl? Like pearls, the mother of pearls is also an organic substance that comes from a living organism. 

The brilliant shine, iridescent uniqueness, organic origin, and versatility make it one of a kind gem in the world. Apart from mesmerizing looks, the mother of pearl is also known for its outstanding stress-relieving and calming properties. 

It brings peace of mind to its wearers, expands wisdom, and heals the heart. This amazing gem has so much to offer. Keep reading to find out more about Nacre.

Mother of Pearl vs. Pearl: What are the Main Differences

Both the mother of pearl and pearls are composed of nacre, a shimmery calcium-carbonate material. The mollusks produce the nacre to safeguard their soft and sensitive inner tissues. According to the mother of pearl definition, the only difference between a pearl and the mother of a pearl is its placement. 

The mother of pearl is produced in the inner lining of the shell. On the other hand, the pearl is created when an irritant or foreign object enters the mollusks. You will usually find pearls in round and oval shapes. The mother of the pearl takes the shell’s body that it lines. And what is the mother of pearl meaning? We got it covered in the upcoming sections. 

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Where does Mother of Pearl come from?

Mother of pearl comes from the inner part of the abalone shell and oyster. In other words, it comes from the lining of the body that also covers the outer aspects of the pearls. The finest mother of pearls is found in the tropical oceans around the Philippines, Australia, the South Sea Islands, Baja, California, and Panama. So, this is all about where the mother of pearl comes from.

The Value of Nacre: Natural vs. Manmade

Pearls, including the mother of pearls, are made from nacre. It is also a prime factor that determines its value. In simple terms, the richer the nacre, the higher the value of the pearl will be. Moreover, the value of natural nacre pearls will always be higher than that of artificial ones.

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Mother of Pearl Meaning and Symbolism

What does the mother of pearl mean? As far as its name is concerned – it gets the title as the nacre-lining shells are considered the belly where pearls are produced. The mother of the pearl symbolizes intuition and divine wisdom. 

The mother-of-pearl nacre also has a super calming effect on the body and mind of the wearer. It boosts confidence and invites prosperity. Moreover, it also strengthens the liver, heart, lungs, and adrenal glands. 

Pregnant women facing health issues should wear mother of pearl for a smoother delivery process. However, ensure you first understand the mother pearl meaning before incorporating it into your life. 

What Colors can Mother of Pearl be?

  • Purples Mother of Pearl – soothes fears and offers clarity of thoughts. It stimulates adaptability, intuition, and sensitivity. 
  • Silver Mother of Pearl – makes for a popular jewelry option. Apart from stunning aesthetics, it also guides you to become more balanced and harmonious.
  • Bronze Mother of Pearl – experts recommend keeping bronze mother of pearl at home as it attracts love and happiness into the household. It is also a powerful Feng Shui item. 
  • Green Mother of Pearl symbolizes life, resurrection, renewal, and fertility. It also relates to heaven and gods and signifies energy and glory. 
  • Blue Mother of Pearl – Spiritual experts use this gem to center, ground, and calm the mind and soul of the wearer. It also fosters purity, loyalty, and faith within. 
  • Pink Mother of Pearl is grabbing much limelight in 2022. Its brilliant luster and beautiful looks are the major factors behind its soaring popularity.
  • Black Mother of Pearl – Men love to flaunt black mother-of-pearl jewelry pieces, thanks to their masculine and sharp hues. Apart from looks, this gem also helps handle emotional exhaustion, stress, and aggression. 
  • Bleached with muted whites and creams – Nothing can beat the upscale looks of cream and white mother-of-pearl jewelry items. The best part is that they go amazingly well with all kinds of attires, such as formal, informal, and casual. 

Mother of Pearl Properties and Uses

Mother of Pearl in Beauty Products

Beauty experts worldwide use the nacre mother of pearl powder to remove acne marks and dark spots. It also boosts collagen production, keeping the skin moist and radiant throughout the day. 

Mother of Pearl Jewelry

The mother of pearl jewelry is creating headlines in 2022. Both men and women love to flaunt this gem through rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Wearing this gem in jewelry is also a great way to absorb its goodness. It also makes for a thoughtful gifting option. 

Mother of Pearl in Meditation

The mother of pearl is often used in various spiritual practices. It increases intuition, imagination, and psychic sensitivity. Moreover, it also offers motherly protection from negativity. Ensure you consult an expert to understand the definition of the mother of pearl and nacre. 

Mother of Pearl at Home 

Vaastu Shastra experts recommend keeping the mother of pearl at home to attract love, health, and prosperity. In addition, it symbolizes feminity and helps women connect with their inner feelings. 

How to cleanse the Mother of Pearl? 

The Olive Oil Method

Dip a soft cloth into olive oil and gently rub it over the jewelry item. It will effectively polish the surface by removing the stain. However, ensure you store it in a dry place after this process. 

The Soap Method

You can also cleanse your mother-of-pearl gem with lukewarm water and mild soap. In addition, a soft toothbrush can help remove dirt and debris from the jewelry pieces. But, ensure you submerge the gem in the water for a short time as it can damage its silk threads. 

The Dry Method

A soft dry piece of cloth can also be used to cleanse your delicate mother-of-pearl jewelry. However, avoid abrasive rubbing as it can hamper its shine. 

FAQ on Mother of Pearl Crystal 

Is the Mother of Pearl cheaper than Pearl?

Yes. The mother of pearls is more readily available than pearls. Therefore, it is cheaper than pearl. 

Real Mother of Pearl vs. Fake Mother of Pearl: How to Differentiate? 

Authentic mother of pearl will feel cold, at least for the first few seconds. But, at the same time, the fake ones will be at room temperature.

Why do they call it the Mother of Pearl?

It is a thoughtful metaphorical term for an astounding underwater creation process. The nacre-lining of the shells is considered the belly in which pearls are produced. 

What does Mother of Pearl look like?

Mother of pearls is ideally white, off-white, or white, like pearls. It is also found in purple, grey, silver, black, yellow, red, and blue-green hues. 

What chakra is Mother of Pearl?

Mother of pearl chakra is the throat and solar plexus chakra.

Can Mother of Pearl go into the water?

Experts recommend preventing its contact with water as it can damage its silk threads.

Can Mother of Pearl be in the sun?

No. Direct sunlight or extreme temperatures can dry and crack the lustrous nacre layers of the pearls.







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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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