Apatite Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Apatite Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

What is Apatite?

Apatite is a series of minerals that make up an apatite group that looks incredible in blue to green, yellow, brown, pink, and violet shades. Its name comes from the Greek word “apate,” which means “to deceive,” as it is confused with other gemstones sometimes. Technically speaking, it is an isomorphous hexagonal phosphate mineral found worldwide resulting from a unique natural formation.

Apatite has a considerable good hardness of five on the Mohs scale, which makes it the perfect crystal to add to jewelry. The interesting apatite crystal meaning is significant because it brings empowerment in the wearer’s journey.

Apatite Stone Meaning and Symbolism

Apatite crystal, named and found in 1788, has been a popular gemstone since then. People use it in a variety of things to manifest its greatest power which comes from the treasures of mother Earth. Apatite stone meaning lies in its ability to connect past, present, and future to make wise decisions and get more close to the truth.

Apatite meaning lies in its aura of removing negative energy and channeling all the chakras. That’s why it is popularly used in jewelry and other products, as it bestows happiness. With its long history and use, it’s quite loved by people.

Apatite Benefits and Powers

The various apatite properties lie in its formation process, colors, and the vibration it creates around you. Being an organic product of nature, apatite crystal meaning is great; it has the power to align chakras and surroundings and guide you through life. 

So, here are some experiences, benefits, and powers of Apatite:

  • Cleans all the blocked chakras of the body
  • Instills truth and knowledge
  • Reduces rage and irritability
  • Aid in decision making
  • Helps to recover bone-related problems
  • Adds calmness, peace, and happiness in life

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Different Types and Colors Variations of Apatite Stone 

There are various types of apatite according to the apatite mineral. So, here are some most popular types:

Colorless Apatite

Colorless apatite has Fluroapatite in significant quantities, thus making it colorless. It has amazing healing, protective and good energy powers and is widely used in jewelry making.Green Apatite

Green apatite grows from chunks of a collection of minerals and has great crystallizations. Its color has soothing and peaceful qualities, which feel amazing.

White Apatite

White apatite is quite common and looks heavenly. Various natural and chemical processes impart white color to it. It showers motivation and builds up energy reserves.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is the most popular type of apatite, which looks like real beauty. This apatite gemstone is widely used in jewelry and balances all the chakras of the body for mental and physical growth.

Neon Apatite

It is a beautiful, rare, and precious gemstone mainly found in the Brazilian states. It adds energy, charm, and lots of positivity to life.

Brown Apatite

Brown apatite results from the unique formation during mineral formation and impurities, which result in a pretty brown color. It controls rage and is especially great for cleaning all the locked chakras.

Yellow Apatite

It is another kind of very popular apatite that is widely used in jewelry. It directly connected to the sailor plex chakras and eliminated all the stored and stagnant energy. 

Purple Apatite

Purple apatite is also quite common, and it may have lines of white color in it. This imperfection of nature looks brilliant, and people love its color. Welcome, protection, care, and calmness with purple apatite.

Violet Apatite

It’s very close to blue apatite and turns violet due to impurities and other slight changes in natural formations. It also cleanses all the close chakras for a happy life.

Gray Apatite

Gray apatite has a soothing color and a mix of blue with gray. It looks eternally beautiful and brings peace, relaxation, and therapeutic properties.

Pink Apatite

Pink apatite is a cluster of minerals that look very attractive. It adds peace, good energy, positivity, and boots healthy relationships.

Golden Apatite

Golden apatite is brighter than yellow and brings lots of blooming energy to life. You will instantly feel lively and fresh when you give a fine gaze.

Apatite Healing Properties and Benefits

Apatite crystal meaning is immense, and so are its healing properties and benefits. So, here are some proven advantages of the gemstone:

Apatite Physical Healing Properties

Apatite, in relation to phosphate minerals, has great bone advantages. Many constituents of apatite have enamel, teeth, and bone-making elements. As a result, it boosts bone recovery like fractures, pain, and other diseases. Also, it is great for people who have arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. In addition, it controls excessive eating and promotes healthy eating.

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Apatite Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

Apatite chakra is a throat chakra that helps in incredible mental and emotional healing. It assists in adding motivation and ambition in life while accepting flaws with great confidence. It opens your heart and mind to identify your true self, which leads to happiness, success, and positivity.

Apatite Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of apatite are impressive as they boost focus, clarity, and intellect of the mind. In addition, it helps you to value various relationships and maintain peace. It helps your concept of the past and present future with clarity of thought which is quite analytical. Apatite metaphysical properties will lead to mind, soul, and body stability.

Apatite Uses: How to Get the Most of this Magical Stone

To get maximum advantages from apatite crystal meaning you can add it to your day-to-day life. Some of the best ways to welcome this nature’s wonder are through:

Apatite in Beauty Products

Apatite crystal properties are used in beauty products as its mineral composition is great for skin and aids in maintaining supple skin. Also, this precious stone is used in stone massages which are great for circulation and relaxation and helps to attain glowy skin.

Apatite in Jewelry

Apatite is widely used in jewelry as it looks eye-catching, soothing, and pairs well with all outfits. In addition, the best part is effortlessly staying with you all the time. As a result, you can use its maximum power through jewelry like necklace pendants, bracelets, rings, etc.

Apatite in Meditation

It’s a great companion during meditation as it maintains healthy energy flows during meditation. You can focus on it or place it near your throat chakras for the best meditation sessions. 

Apatite at Home

You can use this magical stone by adding it to various elements of your home. For example, you can opt for decor pieces featuring apatite. In addition, you engrave it onto furniture, frames, mirrors, and other home elements.

FAQ on Apatite Crystal

How to tell if Apatite is real?

It’s moderately hard, having a five hardness on the Mohs scale. In addition, it easily gets scratched and can be identified with lab testing.

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Is Apatite mineral?

It’s a group of minerals formed from isomorphous hexagonal phosphate minerals.

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Where is Apatite found?

Apatite is extensively found in Brazil, Myanmar, and Mexico. In addition, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, and the United States are major producers.

What does Apatite do spiritually?

It helps to manifest all the powers of the body. It aids in mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

What does Apatite symbolize?

It symbolizes truth, peace, and the ability to make wise decisions according to the future.

What is Apatite used for?

Apatite is used to bring happiness, positivity, and clarity to life. You can welcome it into your life through stylish jewelry, home decor, etc.

What is Apatite good for?

Apatite is good for physical health, like certain bone problems. Also, it helps the body by cleaning all chakras, which gives mental peace.

What does Apatite look like?

Apatite is generally popular in the colors blue and yellow. But, it is found in all colors like gray, green, purple, etc.

What does Apatite mean?

Apatite is formed from a group of natural minerals and possesses great manifestation powers. It helps emotionally, physically, and mentally.

How to cleanse Apatite?

You can clean it under running water or use normal water and mild soap.

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What chakra is Apatite?

Apatite is the Throat Chakra.

Is Apatite a Quartz?

Yes, Apatite is a rare inclusion in Quartz.

What bad effects can Apatite stone have?

Apatite has no bad effects, but people who welcome it into their life for the first time can initially feel some symptoms of restlessness.

Do Apatite stones fade?

No, apatite doesn’t fade, but keeping it out of extreme elements can prolong its life.

Can Apatite go into the water?

Yes, Apatite is water safe.







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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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