Top 24 Different Types of Bracelets Everyone Should Know About

Do you know that over 47% of women admit that they love wearing bracelets daily? Gone are the days when bracelets were looked upon as a tool of superstition. Instead, modern-day women consider it an excellent accessory that can enhance their style with little effort. 

Experts also believe that the right bracelets do add to the outfit. However, you should know which style of the bracelet will go with which attire. Are you also planning to get some bracelets for your wardrobe? 

Here is an extensive guide on the different types of bracelets trending in 2023. Have a look at them and identify the perfect ones for your dresses. 

Different Types of Bracelets and their Meanings

Chain Bracelets

A humble chain bracelet can add panache and sophistication to your appearance. This chic yet ageless bracelet style looks good on ball gowns and evening dresses. You can either stack it up with other types of bracelets or pair it with a gemstone bangle. 

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are enchantingly beautiful and make for an exquisite wardrobe staple. The best part is that you can wear a pearl bracelet with traditional and modern outfits. All you need to do is pick the right matching accessories to enhance the look. 

Bangle Bracelets

It is one of the most versatile bracelet types so far. A single large bangle bracelet complements your look for the day. However, you can experiment and stack other bracelet styles to create a perfect boho look. 

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Open-Bangle Bracelets

Open-bangle bracelets are convenient and easy to wear. This bracelet style looks good on casual attire like a graphic t-shirt or a modern dress. You can complete the look with a matching watch or a big solitaire ring.

Tennis Bracelets

It is one of the best bracelet styles so far. Tennis bracelets display a delicate row of diamonds. It is an extremely elegant bracelet that can effortlessly accentuate your look. You can pair it with other tennis bracelets, an elegant watch, or a cocktail ring. 

Charm Bracelets

Nothing can beat the beauty of a charm bracelet. You can style it with both formal and informal attire. However, you should avoid stacking it with other accessories as it can snatch away their charm.

Beaded Bracelets

Create a perfect Bohemian look with a beaded bracelet. The best part is that the beads are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and prints. It means you can also customize your beaded bracelet as per your choice. 

Cuff Bracelets

Here comes the show-stopper of 2023. Cuff bracelets are effortlessly elegant and stylish. A wide bracelet will give a trendy and bold look. Whereas a thinner bracelet will be great for daily use. Here are the top key tips for styling bracelets that you should know. 

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are the most versatile and look good for semi-formal attire. A geometric print tee shirt, slim-fit jeans, a blazer, and a leather bracelet is enough to create a sizzling appearance. However, with some thoughtful additions, you can also wear it with a handful of formal attires as well. 

Crystal Bracelets with Sterling Silver

When wearing an accessory featuring both sterling silver and crystal elements, it is essential to consider the color of your clothing. To get the most out of this combination of metals and stones, pick clothing colors that will bring out their beauty.

For example, a sterling silver bracelet with an apparent crystal charm may look best when paired with pastel colors and light hues such as white, ivory, or blush. Alternatively, consider wearing clothing with deeper tones, like navy blue, to make the sterling silver shine and the crystal sparkle.

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Birthstone Bracelets

Birthstone bracelets bestow the wearer with incredible physical, emotional, and metaphysical properties. Besides this, such bracelets also add a touch of royalty to your appearance.

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Affirmation Bracelets

Gift your loved one an affirmation bracelet to show your affection and gratitude towards them. These custom bracelets have small phrases or affirmation words that matter to you engraved on them. You can wear them with semi-casual outfits and at social gatherings. 

Multi-Layered Bracelets

The allure of a multi-layered bracelet is unmatchable. It is a one-man-army bracelet that needs no extra accessories. This bracelet style will look good in casual attire like jeans and other dresses. 

Bar Bracelets

Bar bracelets come with a sleek, flat metal bar that is either blank or has some positive affirmations written on them. These bracelets are super stylish and add panache to the wearer’s look. Again, you can keep your understated style by wearing a single bar bracelet or create a funky look by stacking it with other bracelet styles. 

Wooden Bracelets

Wooden bracelets are grabbing a lot of limelight lately. These unisex bracelets instantly uplift the appearance of the attire. Overall, it has come out as a versatile and fun option to accessorize any outfit. 

Hand Chain Bracelets

Made from chain links, hand chain bracelets look good with any attire. They are stylish and make you come out as a fashion-forward person. However, your final look will completely depend on the size and style of the chain links you select. 

Braided Bracelets

These are colorful bracelets that look good on both men and women. Mostly made up of leather material, braided bracelets are very comfortable and flexible. This accessory is very popular accessory for semi-casual and casual outfits. Complete the look with a watch and a ring band. 

 Wrap Bracelets

Do you like stacking bracelets but looking for something different? If yes, wrap bracelets can be the right choice for you. These trendy bracelets look funky and cool and are ideal for Gen Z and millennials. 

Hololith Bracelets

It is a type of bracelet that is made from a single gemstone. Jade is one of the most common gemstones for Hololith bracelets. You can wear this bracelet style as a single or combine it with other bracelets to create a quirky look. 

Expanding Bracelets

Expanding bracelets are super comfortable. You can adjust its fitting as per the size of your wrist. You can wear this bracelet with ball gowns and other evening dresses. Complete the look with a cocktail ring and an elegant watch. 

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a reminder of your lifelong friendship. It is a casual bracelet that usually comes in a pair of two. You can give it to your best friend as a token of gratitude and love. These are casual bracelets that can be worn with casual attire. 

Slider Bracelets

Also known as bolo bracelets, slider bracelets come with a slider along with the chain. It allows you to get the perfect fit for your wrist. It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and easiest bracelets that comes in various styles. 

Kandi Bracelets

Kandi bracelets are made up of small pony stones or beads. People usually wear it at different social events and music festivals. The best part is that you can wear this vibrant bracelet with almost all casual and semi-casual outfits. 

Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets are grabbing the limelight lately for their easy-to-wear features. You can simply fix the bracelet with a flat clasp. The best part is that you can customize this bracelet to your liking. Ideally, these are wide bracelets and are worn single. 

Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets are delicate and beautiful. Women love wearing them with different types of casual outfits. These bracelets are usually worn individually. You can wear delicate footwear to complete the look.


So, this was all about the types of bracelets doing rounds in 2023. You see, the list is endless. But you should choose bracelet styles that compliment your attire and enhance your appearance. Besides this, you can also consult a fashion expert to identify the best bracelets for you. 







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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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