An Ultimate Guide to Engagement Ring Styles

Getting engaged is one of life’s most memorable moments because you’re entering a special phase of your life. Well, exchanging the ring is the most cherishable act, which must be perfect and best. But when choosing the ring, various engagement ring styles can confuse you.

It’s natural if you’re feeling confused while deciding the best ring for your partner. But fortunately, to swing away all your dilemmas, here are the most popular engagement ring styles which will help you make a great choice.

Ring Styles Vs. Ring Settings

While buying the engagement ring, it’s usually noticed that you may get baffled by the ring style and settings. But unfortunately, there’s a difference between engagement ring styles and ring settings.

The ring “style” refers to engagement ring band styles, sleekness, and modern or vintage looks. It defines the engagement ring cut and its shape. The ring’s overall look is called ring style.

On the other hand, the ring “setting” refers to how the gemstone is added, the procedure of gemstone embedding, and the details of the head and shank of the ring. The Head is where the gemstone is centered, while the shank is the band that encircles the finger. This technical detail explaining the ring is called ring setting. 

30 Engagement Ring Styles you need to Know

Here are top engagement ring styles to know before buying the perfect ring:

1. Solitaire

Solitaire tops the popular engagement ring styles because of its timeless beauty and is an important aspect of the origin and history of diamonds. It stands for a single diamond that looks eternal. It’s attached to a band with a prong or claw setting, and the band style is rather simple. So if you love classy, evergreen, and style, this ring is for you.

2. Cluster

In cluster rings, small stones are joined to give the effect of large diamonds. Due to various small pieces, it has exceptional shine and reflection. It’s more on the affordable side and looks very trendy. Also, you can create both vintage engagement ring styles and minimalist designs from it.

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3. Pavé

Pavé is a beautiful way in which you can illuminate your ring, including the shank part. Tiny diamonds are cut and embedded all over the ring to create a dazzling ring. Also, you can use exceptional gemstones like ruby jewelry which are a blessing for relationships.

4. Cathedral

Cathedral rings are a classic engagement ring style that is quite common. Here the head of the ring has a protruding claw to support the stone. It resembles a cathedral and looks very elegant. If you love this evergreen style, you can choose this pretty option.

5. Halo

Out of different engagement ring styles, halo rings are some of the most loved styles. In this ring, small diamonds encircle a large diamond in the middle. Due to reflection, the shimmer is unbelievable, and it looks lavish. You can get it in different shapes and modify it according to your style.

6. Oval Halo

The oval halo tops the engagement ring style chart because it looks enchanting and rich. A small halo of minute diamonds encircles a beautiful oval diamond. The glow, reflection, and sparkle are outstanding and make it an applaudable engagement ring. 

7. Shank and Split-Shank Style Ring

As engagement rings evolved, the designers tried every possible way to create new structures. Finally, the shank(the ring’s band) imparts a new look to this style. The split shank divides and forms a cavity for the stone in the center. As a result, it looks very eye-catching and unique.

8. Bezel Engagement Ring

Among all the styles of engagement rings, this one is going to be forever. Instead of creating 

claws, there is a cavity in the metal where the stone is gracefully fixed. The diamond appears small but has a firm grip which makes it wear daily and has great longevity. You can also add a stone like lucky jade crystal, which has immense healing properties and brings good luck. 

9. Three-Stone Style

Three stone rings, also known as trilogy rings, are well-known engagement rings. The three stones are believed to signify past, present, and future, or you, me, and us. You can either go for three small stones or have a big one at the center with a small one on the sides. 

10. Double Diamond Style

These are unique engagement ring styles that have two diamonds. It looks bold, makes a statement, and sets a mark. Well, it can be pricey, but it seems remarkable. The two diamonds signify you and your partner in double diamond style.

11. Eternity Band Engagement Ring

This is a unique ring featuring amazing styles of engagement ring settings. These rings have continuous paving, channel, or French set diamonds on the shank. In the center, there’s a huge diamond, and the embedding is continuous. It’s a celebration of love for eternity which will go on and on.

12. Flush Setting Ring

It’s a very convenient and gorgeous engagement ring setting where the diamond or stone is set inside the ring. It’s hammered and doesn’t have a protruding look. It especially looks best in a band with good width. It was common among men, but now women are also trying it as it’s durable and suits the active lifestyle.

13. Tension Setting Engagement Ring

Tension setting engagement ring is one of the new engagement ring styles which looks unique. Here the stone is held by a strong grip of two halves of the shank. It’s only suitable for strong stones like diamond, sapphire, ruby, moissanite, etc. 

14. Baroque Engagement Ring

The engagement ring styles guide displays the baroque engagement ring as decorative, bold, and maximalist. It has carvings from nature-inspired patterns, paving stones, clusters, and large diamonds. It is heavy, bold, and very vintage.

15. Channel Setting Engagement Ring

The channel setting ring is one of the newest engagement ring styles that looks eye-catching. The band is styled with small diamonds. But, unlike pave one, the metal has a small cavity in which the diamond is set. It creates a unique finish that looks phenomenal. Also, it’s more durable and looks gorgeous.

16. Swirl Engagement Ring

One of the newest engagement ring styles, the swirl engagement ring is wholesome and awesome. The ring’s shank forms a swirl, a hand holding the stone in the center. The shank enhancement looks stunning. It signifies a bond and looks great on women.

17. Bombe Engagement Ring

It’s all french, vintage, and modern engagement ring styles that look dramatic. It has more metal, curves, and three or more bands with sapphires and rubies. It looks bulky, bold, and very stand out. It’s for someone who is looking for a unique engagement ring.

18. Color-Accent

It’s one of the unique engagement ring settings with accent colors. One of the most popular ways is to add a white diamond and encircle it with a smaller pink diamond. It looks royal, impressive, and wonderful. 

19. Single Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

Stone-colored engagement rings are becoming very popular as people love to wear their birthstones or lucky stones. These gemstones have the power of Mother Earth and are available in various colors, which have amazing healing properties. Some of the best options are blue and teal sapphires, rubies, emeralds, morganite, etc.

20. Acrostic Engagement Ring

This is one of the most interesting engagement ring styles which became popular in the 19th century. It has a cluster of precious gemstones. For example, it signifies a word formed from the gemstone name initials. Like A for amethyst, O for opal, etc., it’s quite personalized and looks very special.

21. Vintage Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

Something about 1920 to 1930s has a great sense of fashion. The art deco style celebrated boldness, large stones, and loud and heavy designs, which looked so royal. These engagement rings are back in style and look fabulous.

22. Vintage Edwardian Ring

These are the most feminine among all the engagement ring styles which look retro. The floral designs, clustered diamonds, chains, and delicacy is a blessing. It’s perfect for women’s engagement rings and was top among 1910s fashion.

23. Ballerina Engagement Ring

The ballerina engagement ring looks like the shape of a tutu, a type of cluster ring. It mimics the ballerina and the beautiful, minute details. It’s a style of the 1950s that is making a brand comeback in engagement rings.

24. Art Nouveau Ring

Art nouveau is a significant movement from 19ths century which embraces nature. It has fluidity, nature, overlapping delicate designs, and gemstones. So, if you want something traditional and charming, you can go with this engagement ring.

25. Etched Engagement Ring

The etching process is a new-age technique in which the bed of a ring is etched to create patterns. Then, a certain chemical selectively wears away the metal to form designs like leaves, swirls, geometric patterns, etc. 

26. Modern Contemporary Style Ring

This style is a true example of modern and high fashion sense. The wrap-around metals embedded with tiny diamonds look flawless. The rose gold, gold, and silver colors are icing on the top. It’s all bold and minimalistic at the same time and looks fresh.

27. Geometric Engagement Ring

The geometric engagement ring is one of the most appealing. These engagement ring styles are show stealers. It has large geometric diamonds with clear shapes displaying edges and durability.

28. Minimalist Engagement Ring

The minimalist engagement ring is for someone who loves cute and pretty things. It’s a small diamond or any stone and great for everyday wear.

29. Suspended Diamond Ring

A suspended diamond ring is unique as it has two shanks on the top. On the top shank, there’s a cavity where the diamond is hovering. It looks very unusual yet very attractive.

30. Shaped Band Ring

It’s one of the trendiest engagement ring styles, which has expanded and shaped shank. One of the most popular styles is the chevron style which has a rectangular shank. In the end, it holds a small diamond which looks quite adorable.

FAQ on Engagement Ring Styles

What are the most popular engagement ring styles?

The most popular and evergreen engagement ring styles are round and oval diamonds.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

The most popular choice is 1 carat for an engagement ring. But, it can go up or down according to your budget and ring style.

What is the latest trend in engagement rings?

The latest trends include exotic crystals like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and more.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

The ideal rule is to follow the salary rule. The price of your engagement ring can be equal to your two salaries.

When should you give an engagement ring?

You can give an engagement ring on the day you propose to your partner.

Do couples pick out engagement rings together?

Yes, it’s completely okay to pick the engagement rings together. But, if you’re planning to throw a surprise, you must shop it alone with help from friends and family.

What were the 1950s engagement ring styles?

1950s engagement ring styles include square cut, Asscher cut, and marquise cut, which is vintage and classic.

What were the 1930s engagement ring styles?

The Art Deco time rings had bold geometric designs with large stones, which looked quite a statement.

What were the 1920s engagement ring styles?

This time featured rings of round and baguette cut diamonds with colored gemstones. Also, they were heavy and quite bold.

What are the classic engagement ring styles?

A solitaire engagement ring setting is the most popular style for engagement rings.

What are the newest engagement ring styles?

Oval shapes are making a comeback in engagement rings. There is a sense of minimalism in the new trend, which appreciates simple designs.

What is the most popular engagement ring style?

The round-cut center stone is one of the most popular engagement ring styles.

How do I choose an engagement ring style?

First, go with your favorite shape, then choose the metal you’re most comfortable with. Now, decide if it should go with your dress sense, which can be casual or formal wear. Then, select the best ring which suits your style.

What are the 3 rings of engagement?

There is an engagement ring, wedding ring, and ring of eternity. Each has a true significance and phases of love that are forever.

What style of engagement ring is timeless?

The solitaire engagement ring is considered one of the most timeless engagement rings.

How many rings does a wife get?

A wide usually gets two rings. They are an engagement ring and a wedding ring.







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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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