Pearl Sizes: All you need to Know

From golden South Sea pearls to pristine white Akoya pearls, there are versatile pearl jewelry options to pick from. And every piece will seem more stunning than the previous one. However, selecting the perfect size and style of jewelry can become an overwhelming task for beginners. 

Are you also one of them, and does this process baffle you? If yes, you have reached the right place. You see, pearl jewelry investment is a crucial decision. Several factors, like the type of pearl, the kind of jewelry, the hues of the pearls, and lastly, the size of the pearls, should be considered before finalizing a jewelry piece. 

Among all these aspects, selecting the right pearl size is crucial. Smaller pearls are great for fine and subtle jewelry. At the same time, bigger pearls are ideal for eye-catching and bold jewelry. These are just the basics. 

Keep reading as we outline everything you need to know about pearl sizes in the upcoming sections of the blog. 

Comparing Pearl Sizes for Each Type

Here is a quick comparison of the pearl size range and standard sizes of each category of pearl

Pearl TypeSize RangeStandard Sizes
Freshwater5 to 12 mm7 to 9 mm
Akoya3 to 9.5 mm7 to 8 mm
Tahitian8 to 16 mm9 to 11 mm
South Sea9 – 20 mm10 – 12 mm

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Akoya Pearl Sizes

The epitome of elegance and classic grace, Akoya pearls are adored for their perfectly round shape, metallic sheen, and brilliant luster. These pearls are just perfect, with no or minimum overtone variation and luster quality within the pearls throughout the piece. You can get these pearls in charming cream, silver, and rose hues. 

Akoya pearls are probably the first pearl a woman gets for her pearl collection. However, before buying one for yourself, examine its authenticity, luster, color, size, complexion, and shape. 

The classic Akoya pearls come in 6 mm to 9.5 mm sizes. However, the most popular ones range from 7.5 mm to 8 mm. You can find more details on pearl sizes here

Akoya Pearl Styling Tips

  • You can wear an Akoya pearl necklace with classic black and white formal attire. 
  • Apart from this, it will also look great on a semi-casual outfit. 
  • Women in boho-chic style can also opt for a dazzling 9.5 mm Akoya pearl pendant with matching earrings. 
  • Lastly, pick an Akoya pearl that matches your facial features. For instance, women with smaller eyes, noses, and delicate build should go for 5 mm or 8 mm Akoya pearls. Similarly, women with oval faces and long hair can wear a 7 mm or 9 mm Akoya pearl. 

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Freshwater Pearl Sizes

Freshwater pearls are one of the most largely produced pearls in the world. Their distinct shapes, wide color range, charming looks, and attractive prices make them a favorite of shoppers, jewelry designers, and pearl aficionados. 

Freshwater pearls are found in coin, button, rice, stick, and potato shapes. They also make for an attractive jewelry option for women of all ages. You can wear these gorgeous pearls with both formal and casual dresses. That’s not all. Freshwater pearls also look good with traditional attire. 

What are the Freshwater pearl sizes? The ideal Freshwater pearl sizes range from 2 mm seed pearls to 11 mm to 12 mm. However, Souffle and Edison Freshwater pearls can vary from 15 mm to 16 mm in size. 

Freshwater Pearl Styling Tips

Freshwater pearls are one of the most alluring pearls in the world. Here are some styling tips for modern women:

  • Smaller 6 mm to 7 mm pearls is ideal for women with petite builds who prefer a minimalistic appearance. 
  • Moreover, 7 mm to 8 mm pearls offer a more subtle look to the wearer. These pearls can be worn to workplaces, parties, and weddings. 
  • A larger 9 mm to 10 mm pearl is for women who can confidently carry bold jewelry pieces.
  • Freshwater pearls that are more than 10 mm are, first of all, rare to find. But they are one of the most stunning pearl types so far. They will look good on grand occasions like weddings and red-carpet events. 

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Tahitian Pearl Sizes

It is a gorgeous gem with unparalleled depth and complementary colors. Tahitian pearls are formed when a tiny stimulant is placed in a black-lipped oyster. These stunning pearls are one of a kind and are found in hues from metallic silver to graphite. 

Besides these, they are also found in purplish, bluish, and greenish colors. Customers love Tahitian pearls’ unique shine and shimmer on refracting the light. Like Freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls come in different shapes and sizes like oval, baroque, pear, and button. 

Moreover, less than ten percent of harvested Tahitian pearls are round. And it makes them one of the most sought-after water gems on the planet.

Tahitian pearls are one of the biggest pearls in the globe. Its size ranges from 8 mm to 18 mm. However, you can also consult an industry expert to know more about pearl sizes actual in 2022. 

Tahitian Pearl Styling Tips

The versatile color spectrum of these stunning pearls makes them a seamless jewelry option to match your outfits. Give a flattering touch to your evening ensemble with the classic Tahitian baroque or round pearls. 

Moreover, a sophisticated Tahitian pearl necklace is enough to transform a simple evening dress into a fabulous outfit. On the other hand, a gorgeous black Tahitian pearl bracelet will look elegant when paired with a matching pair of studs or dangle earrings.

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South Sea Pearl Sizes

South Sea pearls are luxurious and large. Their exceptionally large size, extended growth, and limited culturing area make them one of the rarest pearl types in the world. Found in mesmerizing hues of white, soft cream, light blue, and deep honey gold, South Sea pearls are prized by jewelry designers and collectors alike. 

The silver-lipped oysters produce silver, aqua, blue, and white pearls. At the same time, the golden-lipped ones form deep golden, champagne, and cream pearls. But do you know what the most remarkable quality of these pearls is? Their luster and radiance are unmatchable, and this is what the buyers love about these pearls. 

Drop, and baroque South Sea pearls are largely used in high-end statement jewelry pieces, making them the talk of the town in 2022. But, unfortunately, only 10% to 30% of the South Sea pearls will be near round or round. And only 1% to 2% of the South Sea pearls are spherical.

South Sea pearls are found in a size range of 8 mm to 20 mm. These exceptionally large pearls are widely used in earrings, pendants, and necklaces. However, consider connecting with an experienced gemologist to know the exact South Sea pearl sizes in mm.

South Sea Pearl Styling Tips

South Sea pearls are the most valuable pearls in the world. So here are some fashion-forward styling tips for you.

  • You can consider investing in an elegant South Sea pearl hoop earring for office and corporate events. 
  • Apart from this, you can create a classic look by opting for a jaw-dropping South Sea pearl necklace. You can pair it with an off-shoulder or a cocktail dress. 
  • Lastly, you can create a fashion statement with a stylish South Sea pearl collar and turn heads wherever you go. However, you can get in touch with a designer to know the types of pearl sizes on the neck that suit you. 

So, this was all about the different pearl sizes you should know about before making your first pearl investment. You see, the list of such dimensions is endless. But you should pick a size that will accentuate your facial features and highlight your attire. 







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Navkiran lives in Punjab state of India with her husband and an exceptionally perfect furry companion named RAIN. When she is not writing, you can find her busy cooking, decorating & organizing her home, or watching TV series.

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